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Malaysia Opens Offshore Area to Multi-client Survey

Malaysia has opened an area of its offshore waters to the multi-client seismic model for the first time, TGS, a Norwegian seismic company said on Friday. According to TGS, the move is a result of a new initiative by Petronas to stimulate offshore E&P investment activity.

“A consortium comprising of PGS, TGS and Schlumberger WesternGeco, the industry’s three largest multi-client companies, have successfully won the tender for the rights to undertake a multi-client seismic program offshore Sabah,” TGS said in a statement on Friday.

The seismic player says that the area opened offshore Sabah, Malaysia, sits in an active fold-and-thrust province that hosts a number of proven hydrocarbon accumulations. According to TGS, an extension of the Brunei Baram Delta play, the primary exploration target has been Miocene deltaics with some younger Pliocene.

With exploration and drilling progressing into deeper frontier waters, there is potential for new plays in the carbonate and syn-rift section. This large basin will benefit from modern, high resolution broadband 3D seismic necessary to understand both the existing play concepts and new potential plays, TGS said.

The consortium is planning to apply a combination of what it describes as the industry’s most advanced technology solutions including multi-sensor acquisition using PGS’ GeoStreamer® and WesternGeco IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology, PGS’ Towed Streamer ElectroMagnetic technology and advanced broadband 2D acquisition and processing techniques.