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The Mystery of the Seven Golden Lampstands[Rev. 1:14-20]

 The Mystery of the Seven Golden Lampstands

Let's Pray:

Lord, we trust in You for the study of such a deep word. Lord, open up Your secrets and show us the hidden mysteries. Lord, we like to know Your heart with Your desire.

Hymn: To Jerusalem we’ve come

Today's Verses :     Rev. 1:14-20
Key Verse:
Rev. 1:20The mystery of the seven stars which you saw upon My right hand and the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the messengers of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

    The churches, signified by the seven golden lampstands, are the testimony of (Jesus) (vv. 2, 9) in the divine nature, shining in the dark night locally yet (collectively). The churches should be of the divine nature ?(golden). They should be the stands, even the lampstands, that bear the lamp with the (oil) (Christ as the life-giving Spirit) and shine in the darkness individually and collectively. They are individual lampstands (locally), yet at the same time they are a group, a collection, of lampstands (universally). They not only are shining locally but also are bearing universally the same (testimony) both to the localities and to the universe. (See Rev. 1:20 note 1)

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