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Ministry Book [The All-inclusive Christ, Chapter13-Part7]

Brothers and sisters, you and I must go on; we must make some advance in the enjoyment of Christ. We must have the newness of life, the newness of the Spirit, the freshness and the sweetness of an ever deepening and enriching enjoyment of Christ. Even if we remain here with the enjoyment of Christ as the ark and after two years are still telling how we enjoy Christ in this way, you will sense the oldness. If for years to come we are continually speaking of Christ as the testimony, the explanation and the manifestation  of God, you will certainly feel that we have become old. You will not smell a sweet savor, but a stale odor. If the little children, two years of age, come to you asking, “How are you?” you are really happy. The freshness and newness of life are in their  words.  But  the  very  same  words  from the mouth of one twenty-two years  of  age  are  old. They lack the freshness, the newness.

We must make some advance. We must not be satisfied with our present state. There is so much more of Christ yet ahead of us to be enjoyed. But at this juncture, if you would enjoy Christ as the ark of the testimony of God, it is impossible as long as you are individual. You are finished; you are through. You must be subdued so that you will say, “Lord, here I am. I must be joined, I must be united with some of Your children. Lord, lead me, point out to me the ones with whom I must be united. I am in this city; I am not in the new Jerusalem. Show me the ones in this locality. in this age, with whom I must be definitely and practically joined and related.” Some may say that they would like to be joined to the Apostle Paul or to Peter. But I am sorry, they are not here now. You must be joined to those whom the Lord has put here in your locality. You must be subdued. Perhaps the Lord will bring you together with a peculiar brother and say you must be joined to him. He will tell you that this is your dear brother, the one to whom you must be united. You will probably reply, “Lord, he is too peculiar. I just cannot take him!” But the Lord will answer, “He is the one. You have no other choice. Now go and take him.” Learn the lesson. This is the greatest blessing, and this is the lesson we must learn in order to have the real building of the Lord.