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What is the Meaning of Letting Go?

All spiritual traditions speak about letting go. They might not use these exact words. Lack of attachment, non-involvement, emotional detachment, are just a few of the terms that mean letting go.

What is the meaning of letting go?

It means letting go of painful memories and painful thoughts, harmful desires and habits. It means to stop dwelling on them.

When a certain item of clothing is old, torn, or of no use for you, there is no need to hold on to it. You buy a new one.

This is the same with thoughts, habits, lifestyle and even people. Sometimes, you need to let them go out of your life, even forget them.

Letting go also means freedom from obsessing thoughts and from unhappy feelings.

Most people are afraid to let go. They get attached, and find it difficult to cut the attachment, even if it is causing them suffering or obstructing them.

Anger, grudges, resentment and envy are like ropes that tie you down. You gain nothing from them, but you lose a lot by holding on them. You need to learn to let go.

Too much involvement with memories and negative people, take too much of your time and energy. This involvement agitates your mind and feelings, and causes a lack of peace.

Letting go is of important for spiritual growth. It is one of the most important steps towards spiritual awakening.

The ego, this entity comprised of your individuality – personality, your thoughts and your feelings, doesn’t allow your consciousness to rise higher. It keeps you within your day-today awareness.

To experience the Spirit, to widen your consciousness, you need to riseyour ego. You can do by letting go of thoughts, feelings and memories that hold you down and keep you imprisoned within your ego.

You need to cut the rope that ties you down like shackles to negative habits, unnecessary thoughts and painful or unhappy feelings. You need to cut the attachment to them.

When you don’t let go, you allow attachment to grow.

When you let go, you allow detachment to grow.

Attachment is like an anchor of a ship. Letting go, enables you to lift the anchor, and to allow the ship to sail. When no thoughts, feelings and habits tie you down, you can move on to better and happier life.

Letting go, detaching from the causes of suffering, bring relief, joy, and inner peace.

3 Tips for Letting Go

1. Be aware of the thoughts you think. Ask yourself, whether they are they necessary. If they are not, just ignore them. Do so over and again, patiently and earnestly, and in time, you would be able to reject them.

2. Be aware of your feelings. Ask yourself, are they useful? Do you gain any benefit from them? If you don’t, why hold on to them? Trade them for happier feelings. This needs inner work, but with persistency you will win.

3. Make peace with yourself and other people. Anger, frustration, resentment and grudges are useless. It might not be easy to get rid of them, but when you realize, think, and repeatedly think, about the harm they are causing you, you will eventually stop allowing yourself to wallow in them.