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An interview is the most critical part of the selection process where recruiters evaluate the candidate and make decisions within the given time. Sometimes, candidates are unaware of their mistakes during the interview — and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Spending a significant amount of time preparing for an interview can increase the chances of securing a desired position in the right company.

To help you avoid them, here are the most common interview mistakes among job seekers:

1. Arriving late

There might be a number of reasons why a person is late to the interview, but nothing can justify the delay and it indicates a candidate’s poor time management skills. Some companies do not consider candidates who fail to report at the scheduled interview time.

2. Inappropriate attire

Though there is no standard attire for all positions, candidates should dress up accordingly, as appearance also plays a vital role in making decisions. Dressing up in formals is always a safer option.

3. Failing to find out more about the company and the position

Most job applicants mainly focus on technical aspects while preparing for an interview but fail to research about the company and the position. This shows unpreparedness of the applicant.

4. Talking badly about the previous manager or company

When interviewers ask about your reason for changing jobs, avoid saying negative things about the former boss or place of employment, as negative comments imply a complaining nature and leave a bad impression.

5. Being fidgety

One of the most important elements to get selected in an interview is self-confidence. The interviewer can sense the candidate’s lack of confidence if he/she is fidgety.

6. Fibbing

In some instances, candidates are tempted to lie. It is important to understand that interviewers, with their vast experience, can easily pick up cooked facts. Honesty really is the best policy.

7. Not listening carefully

This mostly happens with phone interviews. Candidates give wrong answers or discuss irrelevant topics if they miss the question. This shows the candidate’s lack of interest for the job. It is essential to be attentive and maintain concentration throughout the interview.

8. Attending the call in a noisy surrounding (phone interviews)

Nowadays, most of the companies are conducting phone interviews, and participating in noisy surroundings is the most common mistake candidates make. This simple mistake may result in missing the job opportunity. It is better for the candidate to stay at home or some other quiet location at the scheduled time.

9. Emphasizing compensation

Asking questions regarding the pay scale early in the interview is not a good practice. This might be negatively perceived by the employer and hurt your chances of getting employed.

10. Failing to ask relevant questions

During an interview, most interviewers encourage candidates to ask questions about the company and position, but many people fail to ask relevant questions. Candidates should know interviewers usually appreciate a person who can ask relevant questions during an interview.

By understanding the impact of all these mistakes, job seekers should plan for each and every step of their interview process. Proper planning and execution can result in receiving accolades from the employer and securing a great career option.


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