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PHBSers: Wishing You a Better Year Ahead!

Since New Year is a time for celebration, reflection on the past year  and resolutions about the upcoming year, several PHBS students and faculty chose to share some thoughts and best wishes for 2017. 


Greetings from Students  

Economics student ( 2016 class ) Ottilia Iiyambo (Namibia)


The reason why I choose to come to China is because I wanted to get more knowledge about the Chinese economy. I’m enjoying my stay in Shenzhen and PHBS. I have memorable days about the whole orientation, which was well arranged for us. I like the idea that I get to meet up with different people from all over the world and also making friends with Chinese students. Classes are going well, although I have to study extra hard because the education level is not the same much success and hard work.”


Finance students 2016 class (from left) Lee Yi-che (Taiwan, China), Du Wenxin (China), and Chou Chih-Ting (Taiwan, China)

Lee and Chou:

Since all of us major in finance, we take the same courses and gradually become close friends. This module, we began to study advanced-microeconomics. Since we didn’t take the intermediate microeconomics course before, we feel this course is quite challenging. Luckily, “Dudu” helped us deal with the difficulties, and both of us have made great progress.”


 “I feel so happy and lucky to become close friends with them. They are sincere people and enthusiastic towards life. I learned a lot from these two friends. As for 2017 New Year’s wishes, we wish for everybody to enjoy every moment in life.”

Finance students 2015 class (from left) Wang Hui (China) and Naoko Yamamoto (Japan)


 “I’m a senior student from quantitative finance and after one and half year, I still feel amazed about PHBS’s internationalization. My experience at PHBS has helped me foster a broader vision and tap my talent, because I have had the chance to study with students and professors from all around the world. I wish everyone a happy holiday, good luck and great success in the coming New Year.”


I'm the first Japanese student to study at PHBS. I had been working in finance and accounting in Japan and came back to school to study finance here. Happy New Year and best wishes to all friends, faculty and staff!”



2016 class (from Left) finance student Derek Alexander Hertel (Canada), and economic student Mahesh Reddy (India)



China has been amazing all the time. The people here are what made my experience unforgettable. The PHBS orientation day, the two-day summer camp, roaming around Ping Shan during the rain, the outing at the beach, learning Mandarin, going out for dancing, and everything that has followed has been awesome.

Jumping from physics to economics has been a fun ride so far. Learning new things at an advanced level with extraordinary classmates made it a challenging yet fun ride. I have to thank the people around me for making my life in China so beautiful. I have made amazing friends for life here and have found a feeling that people search all their lives: happiness. The list of incredible moments in China has kept on increasing.  I am excited to enter another year hoping it to be filled with joy and happiness for all. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year, 2017. Everything will be good.  ”



 “One of my favorite things is how a large group of Chinese and international students every few weeks go out for dinner together. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt we did in the first week where we used the subway to explore Shenzhen.”

MBA students (2016) Lynn Lynn Aung and May Mee Thwe ( both of Myanmar) 

Aung & Thew:

May joy and happiness surround our friends today and always in the New Year 2017!Wishing that we all become sparkling stars in the coming future.”

 Economics students 2016 class (far left) Javier Villarreal (Ecuador) and (far right) Lisseth Moreira (Ecuador)


Let 2017 be a year full of challenges and accomplishments, full of tenacity and innovation, full of fellowship and leadership. Let 2017 be a great year for PHBSers. Happy New Year!!"


 “2017 is for some of us the first year we started in China, definitely a sign of change and evolution.  Let's all take the best that 2016 has given us to grow a prosperous New Year in which dreams and hopes come true. This year will bring lessons, good, hard or ugly but at the end will be remarkable because it will shape our character and make us grow. Happy New Year! Feliz año nuevo!"


Finance student Jana Hejdova (Czech Republic)


May your New Year be blessed with love and joy! Cheers to all!”


Finance student (2016 class ) Taurai Muvunza (Zimbabwea) 



I studied project management as an undergraduate degree in Cape Town, South Africa then came to China in September 2015 to study economics and Chinese at Wuhan University of Technology. If I were to use one word to describe my experience at this institution since fall 2016, it will be 'global'. Every day I spend on this campus I feel I am closer to my dreams than I was a day before. I love PHBS! It’s dynamic and global.”


Greetings from Faculty   

PHBS Dean and Vice Chairman of the Peking University Council Hai Wen (China)


Looking into 2017, a bright future is in front of us, and more noble and challenging tasks await us. Let us go forward together into the New Year with dedication, courage and persistence! Happy New Year! Welcome to PHBS!"


Shi Jiao (China), assistant professor of economics


The year 2016 has been a fruitful year for PHBS and PHBSers. In the next year, we are heading towards more exciting adventures. I believe that 2017 will be filled with even more joy, success, and accomplishments! Cheers for the New Year! "


Yong Joon Park (South Korea), assistant dean and assistant professor of economics 


Hope everyone at PHBS has a healthy and energetic year of the rooster in 2017!"


Ye Weiming (China), assistant professor of financial journalism


Happy New Year! May the Force be with you."


Frank H. Koger ( the, U.S.), assistant professor of finance


Happy New Year to the PHBS community!  I wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2017.  I am excited by the opportunity to teach in the MBA program for the first time in the coming year and will develop a new practical finance course focusing on applications in Excel. I have a few improvements planned that I believe will be well received by the students. To strengthen the academic partnerships that we have with both the CFA Institute and the Global Association of Risk Professionals is also my resolution so as to increase the value to our students that these associations represent!"


James Yen (Taiwan, China), assistant professor of management


“ I would like to send greetings to all PHBSers and wish everyone a very fruitful 2017! And also a few words for our students in the coming years : develop a bias for action! Or just do It!"



Domenico Tarzia, (second from the left), Italian, assistant professor of finance


Felice Anno Nuovo!"

  Greetings from Staff  


Staff from PHBS MA-PhD Program Office


The year of 2016 has been interesting if nothing else, especially for our students here at PHBS. The rumble-tumble chaos of integrating students into their new lives of academia and promoting campus wide internationalization has had a few bumps, but the office has worked tirelessly to smooth out the pavement PHBS students roll along to achieve success. From the elegant New Year Gala to beachside bonfire performances and sore fingers from answering inquisitive emails and WeChat messages, the office has punched through 2016 with its students as a family. ‘Brave and persevering,’ we will continue to provide a solid foundation for PHBSers to kick down the doors of 2017 and take the world by storm!




PHBS Dean Hai Wen recently gave students a copy of his calligraphy work in which he wrote “Bravery and Persistence" with the image of Judy Hopps (who character is a police officer in the Disney film Zootopia). 


Each year the dean enjoys using characters from popular movies as positive examples for students, so he remarked, “Police officer Judy in the movie Zootopia and the medic Desmond Doss in the movie Hacksaw Ridge both set good examples of being brave and persistent, qualities that we hope our students strive to emulate.”

Edited by Annie Jin and Priscilla Young
photographer: Xie Feng


Chinese names are in traditional structure : family name, then given name )