On April 19, GAC Group launched its fire-new strategic planning of brand at the Auto Shanghai News Conference, announced its brand slogan of "crafted by the driven" and rolled out its plug-in hybrid power concept vehicle EnSpirit for the first time. 

The Year 2017 is the 20th anniversary of GAC Group, the crucial year of GAC Group to comprehensively implement the "13th Five-Year Plan" and "Year of Brand Upgrade". GAC Group is expected to enhance brand construction, promote core competitiveness and guarantee that goals of the "13th Five-Year Plan" are successfully accomplished by all-round brand upgrade campaign of technical upgrade, product upgrade and industrial upgrade.

Group Photo of Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group, Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group, Wang Qiujing, President of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, Yu Jun, General Manager of GAC MOTOR and the car EnSpirit

Announcement of Strategic Planning of Brand, Launch of All-round Brand Upgrade

At the press conference, Feng Xingya announced the new brand strategic planning: 

-Brand core: detailing • greatness

-Brand vision: craftsmanship and excellence 

-Brand orientation: mobile life value creator 

-Brand proposition: sparing no effort to create value for consumers, employees, investment partners, industry and the whole society by craftsmanship 

  New Brand Strategic Planning of GAC Group

The fire-new strategic planning of brand is a profound summary, refinement and sublimation of GAC Group in its 2 decades of history of development, which is a brand preposition and development vision of GAC Group in new situation in the new times. GAC Group always adheres to ways of craftsmanship in technology and creates high-quality auto products by spirits of craftsmanship; and it always keeps acute insight about consumer demand and provides creative value for mobile life of users, advance for industrial progress and social development by relying upon innovative development and fine production. Zeng Qinghong announced the slogan of GAC Group--"crafted by the driven" which marked that GAC Group inherited the brand core of detailing and greatness and reflected craftsmanship of refinement and good conduct.  GAC Group is expected to make great efforts to become a top brand of international influence by craftsmanship and excellence.”

Introduction of Brand Slogan of GAC Group

Facing to the future, GAC Group is expected to not only be concerned with auto itself but also start from user demand, constantly blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, provide customized mobile trip plans for consumers and create better mobile life experience for consumers based on auto products in high quality.  It is expected to work hard for making the brand of GAC Group become a well-known and high-quality brand in China's automobile industry as well as an international auto group brand of global influence and high social responsibility by the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan". 

Domestic Debut of EnSpirit Concept Vehicle, Speedup in Electrification and Networking

In the "13th Five-Year Plan", GAC Group is expected to specify its three orientations of breakthrough: "electrification, internationalization and networking".  At this Auto Shanghai, GAC Group launched its concept vehicle in China for the first time, which was exactly the latest innovative achievement in areas of "electrification, internationalization and networking" and visual interpretation of its brand slogan of "crafted by the driven". 

   Domestic Debut of EnSpirit Concept Vehicle

In appearance design, EnSpirit integrates SUV, sport sedan, convertible and other elements and represents future design orientation of vehicle model in mass production of GAC Group.  In power, EnSpirit is equipped with the independently developed 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine and G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling) system.  Equipped with smart internet equipment, EnSpirit agrees with auto demand of young consumers in the times of internet.  What is noteworthy is that the development ideas and new technologies displayed by EnSpirit reflect forward-looking prospect of GAC Group for future trip mode and consumer demand, which are expected to be applied and reflected in the following vehicle model in mass production. 

 1.5ATK+G-MC Power Assembly Independently Developed by GAC Group


As trends of revolution of "electrification, networking and intellectualization" arise in global automobile industry, it is presented in the planning of GAC Group in the "13th Five-Year Plan" to accomplish significant breakthroughs in three aspects including electrification, internationalization and networking. GAC North America R&D Center is scheduled to be officially founded this year to take charge of assembling R&D talents, conducting cutting-edge technical studies and other functions, which is expected to be one significant step of GAC Group in its course of internationalization.  

Three Upgrades Including Technology, Product and Industry, Upward Breakthrough of Brand of "Big GAC"

As one of Chinese auto groups of the most intact industry chain, GAC Group made 461,700 vehicles and sold 457,200 vehicles, up 30.97% and 37.64% respectively on a year-on-year basis and greatly higher than the mean in the industry. In 2016, auto manufacture and marketing, operating revenue, total profit and other key economic indicators of GAC Group rose by over 20% compared with the previous year.  Overall, it sold 1,650,000 vehicles, 27% higher than the previous year and 13% higher than the mean in the industry. In addition, it was admitted to the Fortune 500 for four consecutive years. Its ranking was 59 higher than it had been in 2015 and its brand influence was greatly promoted. 

In terms of product upgrade, GAC Group has constantly reinforced its product power, committed to comprehensive upgrade in quality, variety and brand, and extended from individual product to sedan, SUV, MPV and other niches. A variety of its star vehicle models have been favored by consumers. 

At this Auto Shanghai, self-developed brand of GAC MOTOR brilliantly showed 6 new vehicle models. In addition to its concept vehicle EnSpirit, GAC MOTOR made domestic debut of GS7, GE3, etc. as well, fully revealing core competitive edge of self-developed brand of GAC MOTOR. 



In addition, GAC Group is steadily advancing its course of internationalization. This January, GAC Group took part in the North American International Auto Show for the third time and became the first Chinese automobile enterprise admitted to the primary exhibition hall in the 110-year history of North American International Auto Show; in the same month, GAC Group attended the Davos World Economic Forum to discuss cutting-edge issues in the automobile industry with global leading automobile enterprises; this March, GAC Group reached a cooperation agreement with Fortune Global Forum and GAC MOTOR car became the only officially designated vehicle. GAC Group is expected to frequently show its performance as a Chinese automobile enterprise on the stage of global automobile industry as it comprehensively embarks on brand upgrade. 

In the future, GAC Group will follow the guide of fire-new strategic planning of brand, take brand upgrade campaign as opportunity, focus on the mains of "one center, two adherences and three transitions" and actively implement the planning in the "13th Five-Year Plan" in an attempt to, by the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", make the brand of GAC Group become a well-known brand in China's automobile industry and a brand of international automobile group of global influence and high social responsibility.