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How to Survive: Mosquito Season


Ah, summer! Just as the winter weather is far behind us, we have much to look forward to: flowers, sunny skies, warm temperatures and relatively good air. But the one thing that heralds in the summer along with the wet season is mosquitoes.

Scientists have noted that mosquitoes really serve no purpose in the world – if you were to remove them from the planet, no ecosystems would be greatly affected. Yet, here they are, about to show up in droves to suck your blood, drive you generally insane and be otherwise useless. But don’t worry, we have your back! Here is how to survive mosquito season in Shanghai.

1. Ever noticed that mosquitoes tend to bite some people more than others? This is because they are keenly attracted to smell – which you can note to your annoying friend who NEVER gets mosquito bites. One smell that mosquitoes really don’t like is garlic, so start loading yourself up with it. Put it in your morning smoothie, cook with it in all of your meals, rub it all over your skin as a deodorant; the sky is the limit! Sure, you may become a social pariah but you won’t be an itchy social pariah! Also, you won’t get attacked by a vampire – that’s an added bonus.

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