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Sep26-Oct7 Mysterious Tibet/Mt Everest-A trip Once in your life

As Sep 26 is Mid-autumn festival, so will have a holiday from Sep 26, 26, 28. Then ONLY as two days leave of Sep 29, 30, then Plus the 7 days National holidays, you will get 12 days for the amazing Tibet Trip.

Why you should book this trip

Tibet as a mysterious and amazing place for everyone, it’s an ideal dreaming traveling or hiking places for us. As it’s mysterious and special area for China, and also considering of it’s culture and environment protection, foreigners are not allowed to go there as freedom as you want. Cooperating with Tibetan Local Traveling Agency, HikingLovers will bring you to the Mysterious Tibet! And also we gonna camp on the Everest! The world highest mountain is just in front of YOU!!


Flight directly:
- Shanghai -- Lhasa (Flight tickets all checked in June)
1. 07:45 Pudong Airport--14:45 Price: about 2730RMB
2. 14:50 Hongqiao--22:35 Price: about 3071RMB

Train Directly: (Can buy Train Tickets TWO MONTHS ago, in case no tickets available, please confirm and buy tickets as early as possible. WE CAN HELP FOR BUYING TRAIN TICKETS IF NEEDED)

-SH-Lhasa, 19:16 Shanghai Railway Station-Lhasa 17:40, Totally about 46H24M(2.5hours less compared with 3 years ago^_^), Price is 800-850RMB for hard sleeper, 1270-1320RMB for soft sleeper. Should take train on Sep 25

Shanghai - Lanzhou by flight then train to Lhasa
1: 15:30 Pudong -18:25 Lanzhou, stay one night in Lanzhou. Price is about 650RMB
2: 08:25 Hongqiao- 11:40 Lanzhou Price : about 1120RMB
12:17/12:43/14:07/17:02/17:25 has five trains from Lanzhou goes to Lhasa. Need 24 hrs on the train.
*Soft bed: 823-852RMB
*Hard bed: 522R-550MB
*Seat: 240RMB

Highly recommend the second and third way, Lhasa is about 3600m altitude. If fly there directly, will have a high chance to get altitude sick which will make all your trip painful.

For return Shanghai:
Flight: 15:30-21:15 Price is about 2550RMB

Brief Schedule:

(check all details at the end of this post)

D1:Sep 27 Arrival at Lhasa

D2:Sep 28 Visiting Lhasa City; Potala Palace-Jokhang Temple-Balang Street

D3:Sep 29 Lhasa一Mira Mountain Pass一Basum一Nyingchi

D4:Sep 30 Nyingchi一Ice Lake一Lulang Forest Lake一Nyingchi

D5:Oct 1 Nyingchi一Biri Mountain一Lhasa

D6:Oct 2 Lhasa一Yamdrok Lake一Karuola Glacier一Shigatse

D7:Oct 3 Shigatse—Xiege’er Town-Jiacuola Snow Mountain—Mountain Everest

D8:Oct 4 Mountain Everest-Shigatse

D9:Oct 5 Shigatse-Tashilhunpo Monastery -Lhasa

D10: Oct 6 Lhasa-Namtso Lake-Lhasa

D11:Oct 7 Lhasa-Shanghai

Price: 6800RMB

Deposit: 3000RMB should be paid 1 month before the departure time and the rest should be paid before departure.

Payment Options:

- BOC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

- Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English version and all the transfer are free)

- Cash on the door or delivery

Price included:

- All the transportation in Tibet and Train Station/Airport Pickup

- 9 days 3stars hotel where foreigners are allowed, 1 day camping on the Everest

- All the entrance tickets mentioned above

- Breakfasts provided by the hotel

- Local guild, driver allowance

- Insurance

- English-Speaking Hiking Leader from HikingLovers

Price not included:

- Transportation to/From Lhasa

- Single room supplement 1500RMB/one,we will try to arrange you a roommate if you do not mind.

- Tibetan Entrance Permit for foreigners, at least 20 days in advance before the departure (500RMB for applying, We can help to get it, please send us 1. Scanner of your Passport; 2. Scanner of your Visa; 3. Working certificate, do not need for traveling visa holders)

- Meals in Tebet

- Personal cost in Tibet

Cancellation Policy

- If you canceled before 1 month of the departure time, all the deposit will be refund.

- If you canceled within 1 month of the departure time, no refund, but you can find someone to replace your seat

- HikingLovers has the right to adjust the schedule due to weather conditions/ Safety of the team.


- 9 days in 3 Stars Hotel which foreigners are allowed

- 1 day in communal tent on the Everest Camping

What you should bring?

- Passport/ID card; Tibet Entrance Permit for foreigners to board the flight;A copy of Tibet Entrance Permit for taking train.

- About clothes: Tibet is high altitude area, so the temperature difference of the daytime and night time are quite huge. Could be 20 degree in the day, but 0-5 degree at night. So please prepare your clothes accordingly. And please wear comfortable sports shoes.

- As the sun is strong in high altitude, so sun-glasses, hat, sun-cream, lip protector and so on.

About Medicine:

- If it’s your first time go to Tibet, we highly recommend to have some medicine against high altitude sick, like Rhodiola Rosea L. (紅景天) which should be taken 10-15 days in advance

- Aspirin, Painkiller, Cold Medicine,medicine for stomach and other medicines you might need. (Our hiking leader will bring first-aid with medicines, but we can only provide Chinese medicines, so foreigners are better to bring your own medicines if you are not used to Chinese medicines)

About High Altitude Sick

- Normally everyone will more or less have some altitude sick when first arrived at high altitude, like shortness of breath, chest tightness, dyspnea etc., these are normal reactions of less oxygen. Normally 1-2 days will be fine if you treated rightly.

- Do not be too excised while you arrived Lhasa, need to take a good rest and try to use to high altitude. Drink more water, walk slowly and no sports. Dont eat too much at the first 1-2 days, and it’s better no alcohol, no smoking until you used to the high altitude and no shower the first day you arrived.

- Can buy oxygen bottle in Lhasa, do not use the oxygen bottle while you are only light reaction, if you started, you gonna need it in all your trips. But always good to keep one with you.


- As doctor’s advice: Patient with hypertension and heart disease are not allowed to enter Tibet.

- when the departure day is approaching, please take care of yourself, do not catch cold.

- “When in Tibet do as the Tibetans do”, please respect the local cultures and customs, used to their taboos, the local guide will introduce you when you arrived, please remember.

- Please bring enough cash, Lhasa has some banks, but not as many as in Shanghai. So while we are leaving Lhasa, please get enough cash.

- Tibet is not like a big city, some places the accommodation conditions are not as good as Shanghai, so please understand. We are all booked the local 3-stars hotels.

- Tibet has a lot of special health care medicines and arts, but also there are a lot of small shops are selling fake stuffs, so do not cost too much money on some small shops.

Itinerary in Details:

Day 1 Sep 27th Meetup in Lhasa

Pickup at Lhasa Airport/Train Station Pickup and then take a rest in the hostel in Lhasa

Note: Lhasa’s altitude is about 3650m, so first arrival, please take a rest, no strenuous exercise, dont be nervous and no worries, keep normal and drink more water and no greasy food. And no shower/dont wash hair also for the first day!!

Day 2 Sep 28th Visiting Lhasa City

After Breakfast in the Hotel, Let’s visiting this mysterious Lhasa City.

The Potala Palace ofc will be the first, altitude is 3756m, sightseeing about 2 hours. Built in the 7th Century AD 40years, located west of Lhasa City.

Patala Palace is divided into Red House and White House where known as a majority of Dalai Lama’s political beliefs were born and it’s regarded as the heart of the Tibetan People.After Lunch, go to visit the oldest Temple of Lhasa--Jokhang Temple, built in the 7th century AD and keeps the Tibet Sakyamuni TWELVE full-length academy which was brought in by Princess Wenchen. The Buddhist Statue is the most sacred in Tibetans heart. The Peripheral of Jokhang Temple is the famous Balang Street, where converges lots of Pilgrims from all over the world. And on both sides of the street have many local vendors are selling some Tibetan specific stuffs. After dinner, let’s explore some Tibetan nightlife. If you like photographing, highly recommend the night sightseeing of Potala Palace!

Day 3 Sep 29th Going to Nyingchi

Bus Driving from Lhasa to Nyingchi along the Niyang River and will passby Mira Mountain Pass which is 5013m alitude. Nyingchi is located in the south of Tibet and only 2500m altitude where can see more forest compared with Lhasa, along the beautiful scenery, tibetan villages, we will see Tibetan unique characteristics and charming landscape. While in Nyingchi, you cant miss Basum Lake which is surrounded by snow mountains, mild climate with average elevation of 4000m. The lake is about 18km length, lake area is about 28 square kms, the deepest is 120m. The shape of the lake such as embedded in the canyon in the mountains of the crescent moon, clear lake to see the bottom, surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Day 4 Sep 30th

In the morning, we gonna take bus from Bayi Town to the beautiful original forest Lulang Forest Lake. Remote snow mountains, glaciers and nearby original forests, Tibetan villages and rivers enhanced their beauties and nature. Kinds of wild flowers blossom. Only here, you can experience four seasons in a day sometimes, clouds between the snow mountains, forest sea, fields with Tibetan villages which makes you feel so peaceful. Ice Lake, located in the East-North of Bayi Town of Nyingchi, is the core area of the Biri Mountain National Forest Park and also it’s a National Water Conservancy Scenic Area. It’s deep and quiet, simplicity of the original natural scenery and magical profound history and culture which are becoming the bright pearl of Nyingchi’s traveling.

Day 5 Oct 1st

After Breakfast, we will drive from Bayi Town to Biri Mountain.Beautiful mountain scenery, which attract many mountain believers come often. We gonna visit the second biggest natural resources theme of animals and plants living specimens museum.It’s the best place for tourists to understand rare Tibetan plants and animals, it’s like a Nyingchi Encyclopedia. We gonna watch the valley Niyang Charming natural scenery along the way, virgin forest and carpet grass under the snow Peaks, cross the 5013m altitude Yamaguchi and passby BaJieTang Grasslands, dotted with sheep and cows, Tibetan village. Then we gonna arrive Lasha at night.

Day 6 Oct 2nd

After breakfast, we gonna departure from Lhasa, passby 4900m altitude Gangbala Snow mountain, overlook the Gangbala Radar station, along the old road going to visit the world highest and most beautiful freshwater lake, a sacred sky reputation--Yamdrok Laks, and driving around the lake. The lake is about 4441m altitude. In Tibetan, it’s called “Jasper Lake”, one of the famous Three Tibetan sacred Lake. The water is clear like suet and sweet and it’s ok for drinking. Blue lake with distant snow capped mountains are connected together with different colors of mountains,very unique Tibetan villages and the land of cattle and sheep on both sides. All along the way, you will feel relaxing, fresh and happy for sure. Then we gonna cross Karuola Mountain and the Karuola glacier on the Peak of the mountain is a modern glacier. It’s a rare and majestic one in China. Then we gonna go to the birthplace of the movie“Red River Valley”-- Jiangzi. After visiting Jiangzi, we gonna keep driving about 90KM to Shigatse.

Day 7 Oct 3rd

Today we gonna keep driving toward the EVEREST. Cross 5220m altitude Jiacuola Snow Mountain and can overlooking the majestic EVEREST before we reached Tingri. To the Mount Everest nature reserve, Baita towering, colorful prayer flags fluttering. Take eco-car to reach the Everest Base Camp which is 5220m altitude.Now the world highest Mountain is just in front of you, how’s the feeling??

Day 8 Oct 4th

In the morning, we gonna accept the baptism of the soul on the World’s highest peak. Mount Qomolangma means the Virgin in Tibetan, 8844.43m altitudesea level and it’s the Earth Peak!A place where you can store your soul! Snow Peak all the year, afar hanging glaciers, towering Silver Peak, a holy scene. Many large scale of modern glaciers developed at the foot of Mount Qomolangma, cirques, horn peaks, knife ridge glacial landforms phenomenon is widely distributed. Below the snowline serac forest, relative height up to 40-50meters interspersed with deep cave, the twists and turns of the ice streams. The scenery is very Spectacular. Look at the Mount Everest, you can feel the life was barren, man-made quiet place to conquer, in the universe of pure and clean become small and bright. With nostalgia for the Mount Everest, in the majestic, great momentum, stretches of the Himalayan Mountains, we will return to Shigatse .

Day 9 Oct 5th

On the back to Lhasa, on the way, We gonna visit Tashilhumpo Monastery where Panchen Lama lived. It’s built in 1447, a typical and famous Tibetan temple.

Day 10 Oct 6th

The most beautiful lake in Tibet--Namtso Lake

Cross 5190m high Nagenla Mountain, we gonna visit the highest salt lake-- Namtso Lake which is 4718m, a vast, beautiful and charming lake, like a pearl inlaid in the crystal miles Qiangtang Grassland. Along the way, we can view the Nyainqentanglha Peak with is 7117m and it’s said the Protection God of Namsto.

Day 11 Oct 7th

No scheduled plan for today, you can book the flight or train any time you want. If you gonna a late flight or train, can arrange some places to visit in Lhasa City


Considering that Outdoor hiking trips have some risks and the unexpected environmental changes or other uncertainties, the organizer will buy professional outdoor insurance for all the members before the trip and also will organize rescue of any emergency on site. All the participants need to follow the organization of the trip organizer/hiking leaders/coordinators/Local guide. Otherwise you should bear your own consequences caused by your mistakes. We hereby declare that the trip organizers will not have any joint liability of the unpredictable accidents caused by Environment or any accidents caused by the participants’ mistake during the hiking trips.

About Us--HikingLovers

Silver is Chinese girl who love hiking. From a hiking lover enjoyed a lot in the hiking in the past years, and started to turning to be a professional hiking organizer and leaders. A lot of hiking experiences and adventure enough to find some new hiking place in China, We will bring you to some amazing Nature places without many tourist. To make sure each trip safer, I joined some training, I owned the certificate of Chinese mountaineering Association and First Aid Certificate issued by Shanghai Red-Crossing Association.

We also cooperate with some other hiking leaders from Spain, France, USA, Egypt and China. We are all hiking lovers and enjoyed a lot of hiking and like to meet more hiking lovers from the world.

Here post some pics when I went there two years ago