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Polyether Polyols Downstream Market Different Development

PUdaily, Shanghai- With the development of living condition and consumptive level of people and the coming of ‘New Normal” of China’s economy, people’s lives are changes in every aspect. China has invested 4 billion funds for high-speed rail two years ago. “Made in China 2025” plan was proposed last year and the Belt and Road Initiative policy is hot in this year.Those international cooperation development strategies have an extent effect on the chemical industry, including the downstream market of polyether polyols.

Polyether polyols can be divided into flexible polyols, flexible HR polyols, Flexible LR polyols, CASE polyols, POP polyols and rigid polyols. They all belong to polyether polyols with different application. Flexible polyols can be applied to upholstered furniture, coating, adhesive, sealant, etc. Rigid polyols can be divided into food frozen and refrigerated equipment, industrial equipment moisturizing, building materials and automotive industry. Application consumption of flexible polyols to rigid polyols ratio is about 6:4.

Downstream markets have a stable running in recent, with a different speed of growth. The real estate market will be weak running in the future, at a rate of 4-5%, which are led by national regulation. And that may further affect the furniture market. 

Besides, environmental protection becomes harder, which gives middle and small size foam producers more challenges. However, the share of coating, adhesive and elastomer has a rapid increase. According to PUdaily’s analysis, thanks to the great investment for national infrastructure construction, the consumption of polyether polyols in those fields accounts for around 12%.

Overall, the consumption proportion of the furniture market, construction market and other traditional market will decrease led by national polies. And the consumption proportion of waterborne polyurethane and polyurethane with low VOC value will have a significant growth in the future. PUdaily recommend that relevant companies should pay close attention to the policies and new R&D technology that can promote the development of the industry.