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The Belt and Road Initiative Gives a New Momentum for BDO growth

PUdaily, Shanghai-The Belt and Road Initiative has aroused an echo around the world since its proposal in 2013. Four years later, a favorable performance is delivered before our eyes.

The initiative involves 100-odd countries and international organizations,  over 40 of which have reached cooperation agreements with China. Last year, China saw a total import and export of 6.3 trillion yuan along the route, up by 0.61%. An investment of 14.5 billion dollars is made, accounting for 8.5% of China’s foreign investment. Also, economic cooperation areas established in countries along the route numbered 56, receiving an accumulative investment of 18.5 billion dollars.

Countries along the route are the major import sources of China’s crude oil, with Saudi Arabia, Russia and Omen heading the list. The import stood at 251 million tons in 2011, and 333 million ton in 2015, a rise of 32.29%.

China Railway Express registers a crucial project of connectivity in the initiative. For the being, Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe and Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe and other 37 lines have been put into operation. The transport cost is 60% lower than maritime transport and 80% lower than air one. As such, an integrated connectivity net of highway, railway, aviation, network and underground tube is forming, further facilitate trade and investment between relevant countries and regions.

Thanks to the excellent situation, MarkorChem Xinjiang-Europe-Med BDO Export Express with a load of 800 tons gave its maiden show on Jul. 29, 2015. On Mar. 19, 2016, 686 ton load BDO Express for BASF German and Arkema France is put into operation likewise. Besides, MarkorChem  started its BDO railway-maritime transport to South Korea and Vietnam on Jul. 28 and Nov. 6, 2016 respectively, which records a new type of logistics system featuring multi-model, multi-method, and flexibility. Last month, MarkorChem export 2000 tons of liquid BDO to Ludwigshafen German by Xinjiang-Europe-Med Express, shorting the transport time from 25 days to 15 days and boosting the logistical efficiency of China Railway Express.

In May, 2017, Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group signed a BDO supply contract with a Turkish customer. The order, valuing 1.2 million dollars, is the largest export of the company.

The Belt and Road Initiative is believed to be a new momentum for China’s economic growth, in that it  expand market, change the way of transport, connect Asia-Pacific and Europe economic zones, and consume the overcapacity and excess capital of China.