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China Automobile Refinish Coating Market Keeps Steady

PUdaily, Shnghai- HDI hardener market runs stable in May-June. Manufactures are trend to pull up the price, but the demand of coating cannot catch up with HDI hardener, especially industrial coating and wooden coating. By contrast, demand for automobile refinish coating still remains steady. As we know that automobile refinish coating occupies the largest proportion in the downstream market. According to the monitoring results from PUdaily, demand for HDI hardener in automobile refinish coating market has a rapid growth in 2016, while the proportion of demand has substantially increased. The following information is the basic knowledge of automobile refinish coating.

Development of China Automobile Refinish Coating

At the beginning of 1980s, China automobile refinish coating market is very fragmented. The automobile refinish coating is provided by the automobile factory when the auto is put out of the street. In the mid-1980s, China car parc is less than 1 million. At that time, China is a potential market with huge consumption, which has attracted the attention of the automobile refinish coating giant in the western developed countries. The first enterprise entered Chinese market is ICI Co.. It relies on the mature marketing model and products and several major agents to set up a big marketing network and get a huge success in China, with a market share of 65% at its zenith. Followed by Germany BASF, Herberts, DUPONT, PPG, Sherwin Williams and AKZO NOBEL etc. Depending on the mature products, perfect system, complete pre-sales, after-sales service and personnel training they have gained great popularity in our country, so they accounted for 95% of the market share.

After that, Chinese automobile industry has a rapid growth, the numbers of car parc increasing, which promotes the development of the Chinese automobile refinish coating market. Nowadays Chinese automobile refinish coating has occupied most of the market share in fields of low-end and middle-end product, even begin to compete with foreign high-end products. China automobile refinish coating market still has a sharp increase under the circumstances of technical deficiency.


Automobile refinish coating can be divided into 4 types: UV based, solvent based, high solid based and water-soluble based. Solvent automobile refinish coating is most applied in the market. But some clients like BMW. TOYOTA, Honda and Mercedes Benz have been or intend to use water-soluble based products.

Coating Process

Main Manufactures in China

Main Manufactures in China are PPG, Axalta, BASF, AKZO NOBEL, Kansai Paint, Guangzhou Strong, Guangzhou Lianhe, NOROO and so on.

China Automobile Refinish Coating Market Trend

According to the “German Atmospheric Purification Act” released in 1995, the VOC emissions from the painted area shall be less than 35 g/m2. The European Union has imposed on “Limiting the paint, varnish and Interior trim in the use of solvent volatile organic compounds volatilization instruction” in 2004, it says that the first phase will be started in 2007 and second phase will be started in 2010. The allowance of VOC emissions decreases again. With the increasingly strictness of VOC emissions standard, UV based, high solid based and water-soluble based automobile refinish coating is more popular in the market. Water-soluble based automobile refinish coating in particular, it has been vigorously developed and widely used in developed countries in Europe and America. With the gradual increase of environmental protection consciousness and the formulation and promulgation of relevant laws and regulations in our country, low VOC content automobile refinish coating will get more attention and development in the future.