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Rising to the Top

Last week, on How I went from Zero to Hero, we learned about Shirley, the daughter of rice farmers, who shaped her destiny. Today we get to read about how she became a hero and is now living the life she chooses.

"As a child, I was on my own. My future was in my hands, so I had to understand what was best for me. Because I could only count on myself, I was forced to start making my own decisions early on. After graduating with a degree in International Trade, I found a job as a sales assistant. I quickly realized the people making money were the sales staff, so I took the initiative to use what I learned in college to advertise my company’s products online. Few people had my initiative or my English skills, so after only ten months, I got my first sale."

"My boss would not give me a commission! Only salespeople got commissions. But now I knew how to sell, so I sought another job as a saleswoman. Soon, I received an offer, but my boss did not let me leave. Instead, he promoted me and granted me commissions. I had been selling since I was six, so I had a natural talent for sales. When I chose to move on, I did not do it for money; I did it for knowledge."

"My second job as a saleswoman introduced me to LED lighting. I learned so much there that by the time my third job came around, I was making 60% of the company’s income from big customers that I myself had found. I was ambitious, and I proposed an aggressive strategy for my company that would enable me to multiply their sales. My boss admitted that his company could not make the changes I asked for so fast, but he would be interested in investing in me so I could start my own company and grow at my own speed."

"Motivated by the ability to have my own company and to move at my own pace, I founded UiLED, a company that puts U (the customer) first, and i (the company) second, to serve you. When I notified my customers that I would be leaving my job, three of them asked me to join their team. I had served them well during the past years, so they wanted me on their team. Torn by this decision, but fueled by an ever-growing desire to learn, I accepted what would be my last job."

"I chose an American company. There, in under three years, we enabled the company to raise its yearly sales by 250%. During my stay, the company's staff nearly tripled. My main contribution was that I successfully created a reliable bridge between China and America. I was able to do this as I maintained strong relationships with my former bosses and clients, which I consider key to my success."

"Today, I have finally taken the reins of my destiny and become an independent contractor. My company’s name is inspired by Aristotle’s quote 'Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth.' I am committed to have UiLED prove to all my customers that actions speak louder than words. I am creating a company culture based on the pillars that have shaped my life:

·        Decide your own destiny

·        Build long-lasting relationships

·        Learn the most you can

If you would like to learn more about Shirley, you may contact her at [email protected] She is currently looking to hire an electrical engineer with over five years of experience in LED Lighting. She also welcomes kind hearted and patient friends.