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Find out what is stopping you from reaching your goals

When was the last time you looked at your reflection in the mirror, and smiled at yourself? Smiled a genuine smile that reflected your outlook on your general life.

Are you happy with you?

Many people you meet in your daily life, are truly unhappy with what they do. This holds true with who they really are too. It probably has something to do with what they are doing in life as their occupation, but that's a deeper conversation we will visit at a future date.

Let's take a look at some simple things that can transform our unhappiness, into a limitless well being state.

In a world full of critics, you're going to need to find yourself a best friend who will be there to encourage you through all aspects of life. The first thought most people associate with having a best friend, results in an external search for a stranger whom they can depend on, until they can't. However I'm here to say, if you go external, you've already traveled too far. The source of your transformation starts from within.

It's easy to say, but not impossible to master. It takes a certain level of dedication and an even bigger desire to want to change.

Here are three healthy habit routines to get you started.

Sleeping well

Give yourself the love you crave and deserve. Start by getting the healthy amount of sleep you need in order to achieve the successful results you want in your life. Your mind is like a battery, if you don't recharge it with an adequate amount of restful sleep, you run the risk of underperforming. Make sure you rest well.

2. Eat well

After a night of restful sleep, wake up with the hunger to fuel your body, with the energy it requires to propel you towards your success. Many people skip breakfast with these excuses:

  1. not having enough time

  2. not being hungry

  3. not having anything to eat

EXCUSES don't get results!

If you feel that you have no time, preplan your meals. I have had the pleasure of being coached by some close friends on how to pre plan meals ( Thanks Anna ).  Preplanning also allows you to create a to-go bag for the times you may not feel hungry at the moment. Furthermore, this eliminates the empty fridge syndrome.

You see, with one act of preplanning, we are able to eliminate all three excuses. Fascinating,  isn't it?

3. Exercise well

The human body is capable of doing phenomenal things, however not all of them can be done without proper and regular training. This is why its made the list of healthy practice routines.

No one is saying you need the bodybuilding physique, ( although I'm sure not many would complain if they had a bodybuilders look for a day or three ) nevertheless you shouldn't ignore the fact that you need to constantly balance yourself with a regular and healthy routine that ultimately becomes your lifestyle.

It starts with what you do before you wake and it ends with what you do before you sleep.

If you're interested in finding a more practicle  approach to a balanced  weight management regime, and sleeping tips, be sure to email us at [email protected]! for an introduction to the GIFTED Hercules project

Enjoy your day, and remember that you are GIFTED.