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Why do I go to work?

Have you ever wondered why you get up every morning and go to work? Have you ever thought about why you must spend all day at the office, even when you don't want to? Was it always this way?

No. In the past, people worked very differently.

1. Hunters and Gatherers

In the beginning of time, people lived in communities, where they worked for the benefit of their group. Men went hunting while women gathered food near their homes. This is how they survived. Work was hard but meaningful, as members got to see how their labor benefitted their friends and family.

How many hours do you think people worked every day? Less than five hours. Some tribes only worked two and a half days a week! Once there was enough food for everyone, there was no need to work anymore. They had enough time to learn, have fun and pursue their passions.

2. The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution changed everything. People broke into two groups: owners and employees. Employees did not work for their group anymore; they worked for the group of the owners. This made work less meaningful, as employees could no longer see how their work benefitted their community.

Factories were created to produce more than was needed. Light from the sun was not necessary. Owners bought expensive machines that could work long hours, so they paid men, women and children to work from 12-16 hours a day. It no longer mattered if there was enough. There could always be more! It left little time for employees to learn, have fun or pursue their passions.

This was the beginning of the modern-day job.

3. Today

Thanks to several groups of employees, who in the last century have protested against such a long work day, the modern-day job has been reduced to 8 hours a day, usually from 9 to 5. This has given employees a bit more time to learn, have fun and pursue their passions. But the problem is not how many hours we work each day. What matters is, do we love our work?

Not so much. Recent surveys by Forbes and Gallup show that 70% of U.S. employees hate or are dissatisfied with their jobs and their bosses. There is still a division between two groups, owners and employees. Many employees are obligated to work overtime, to keep producing for the owners in a job they might not feel excited about, as it is still difficult for employees to see their labor directly benefitting their community.

4. The Future

What about the future? Will things change or stay the same? Will there continue to be two groups, owners and employees, or will we go back to the time when there was only one group, working together for the benefit of all? Will we have a chance to see how our work benefits our community? Will there be time to learn, have fun and pursue our passions?

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