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DaLian Bingyugou Valley

Attraction Instruction:

Bingyugou Valley lies in the northern mountains of Zhuanghe city, which is around 240 kilometres from Dalian. Bingyu Valley called "Pretty Guilin in Southern Liaoning" looks like the senery ofChina's Yangtze River Delta, which is covered with towering trees, beautiful mountains and clear waters. It's rare of the mountains here to feature the typical karst formation, which is completely preserved to the north of the Huanghe River. One of the most famous places of interest is “Fairy Cave”. It is located on the hillside pf Longhua Mount, in which two religions can be found, including Taoism and Buddhism, that is, you can have a visit to Taoist temple and Buddhism temple at the same time.

There are two gates in Bingyu Valley scenic region .One is the East Gate,the other is the South Gate .One is aimed at the tourists who take bus,however ,the other is for ones who drive theselves.Visitors that go to the scenic region by themselves can take the nonstop coach to the valley at Beigang Bridge ,Dalian.And the terminal station is East Gate ,which is town named“Jiangjiapuzi".When you get off,you can see the ticket office.You could start your journey of Bingyu Gou from "Shuiduchuan" to “Xianrendu".We do not suggest you get in through the South Gate if you are with yourself ,since you have to change another bus on the way .

And as you enter the gate ,you need to take the battery car in the scenic region to visit the beantiful sights or you have to go on foot .Besides,there are fewer attrations on the way .So,the South Gate is more suitable for self-driving tourists.The types of the tour can be divided into One -day tour and Two-day tour.Most tourists enjoy One-day tour.However,as the time spent on the way all too long, although it is called One-day tour ,you need to sleep in the local hotel,and then go back to city center on the second day .

The route of one-day tour by bus
As for the tourists who take the bus to attend the one-day tour, please take the free sight seeing boat for 10 minutes at Yunshuidu after arriving at the East Gate of Bingyu Valley. Get off the boat at Xianrendu. The scenic spots which can be enjoyed on the boat are Lovers’ Island, Yingbin mountain. There is another scenic spot named “Mainstay”. From Xianrendu to service center, where it is called Shuanglonghui, the terrain is open here and it is also the place where the tourists can have a rest. The famous scenic spot here is Mingyuejian.

Walking towards the north from Shuanglonghui via two bridges, we can see a decorated archway, where some big words “Yingna Lake”are written there. Walking upstairs, we come to scenic region. Here, sightseeing boat can be taken, (the cost for the boat is ¥120 per person) . The main scenic spots are Jindiaoyan, Tianbifeng. The film city where the film Bingyugou is taken here. After visiting the Yingna Lake, we can return by the way we come.

Back to the "Shuanglonghui",go west to the small square in "xiaoguilin" ,where thereare electromobile that can take the place of foot.The main scenic spots include "Meinvshi","Yixiantian","Yangbeishi","Mobaifeng","Xiaoyumen",and so on.Continue to the west.We will arrive at"Bieyoutian". There are still electromobiles here.The scenery after crossing the river will be greatly different from the scenery of before.The treehere is tall, the forest is thick, and the water is clean,and it is the center of "Xianrendong" nature resever."Yixiantian" and "Shengnvfeng" are the main scenic spots along the way.We can go back now.

After entering the south gate, driving visitors can drive toward "Xiaoguilin",which is called service center of "xiaoguilin".Then they can enter the south gate by electromobliein the scenic region or walk by themselves.Whatfirst come into their eyes is "Shengshuisi" which is also called "Xiamiao". You can enjoy the natural scencehere and enjoy the famaous "Chisonglin".
The tour to the South begins at"Xiaoguilin" service center,which is also the transfer station. They can reach xiaoguilin squarefrom the center, by walking toward north about 260 meters .They can get to the "Shuanglonghui","Yunshuidu"(fromthe east ), "bieyoutian"(to the west) and other attractions .the route is connected to the East route,and thedifference is just they are opposite in direction.