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Do you know have long night views in Chongqing have been famous?



The myriads of lights resemble rainbow,

and the waters are of twists and turns.

As a military strategic town,

it is surrounded with spreading mountains.

With enormous bustle and hustle,

it lacks no billow and horn sounds at morning and dusk.

Famed as the most prosperous place,

it can offer you comfortable and leisurely life as well.

--(Qing Dynasty) Zhao Xi











I Belong to You, a film released last year, makes Chongqing’s beautiful scenery, especially that of the Yuzhong Peninsula, exceedingly popular among viewers. In the film, the river and night views in Chaotianmen are intoxicating. But do you know have long night views in Chongqing have been famous?

It remains unknown which poem depicts the night views at the Yuzhong Peninsula for the first time. 

According to the above-mentioned ancient poem, it has been at least three to four hundred years.


In 1760, Wang Erjian(1703-1766) believed that “night views with lamps”(字水宵燈) was among the most beautiful of the twelve spectacles in Chongqing, referring to night views in the Chaotianmen area. In the conjunction of two rivers, the meandering waters combine to resemble the ancient handwriting of a word. And at night when lamps sparkle, there are shining reflections on the riverbed. Hence it is called a “night view with lamps”.


More than one hundred years ago, or during the late Qing Dynasty, Zhao Xi wrote a poem, Chongqing, generally depicting the natural beauty of Chaotianmen. 

The river and night views in Chaotianmen are increasingly beautiful. 

What did Chaotianmen look like over one hundred years ago?


“The myriads of lights resemble a rainbow, and the waters are of twists and turns.” While the former sentence depicts the night views of Chaotianmen, the latter one is about the billowing Yangtze River, which intersects with another river in Chaotianmen and turns around toward ocean.


According to Chinese Regional Culture Study (Chongqing part), Chaotianmen Wharf is the first ancient wharf in Chongqing, in which various cultural elements affiliated to the wharf have accumulated here for hundreds of years. That’s why many ancient poems choosing to depict Yuzhong Peninsula from the perspective of Chaotianmen.


Wu Gao, a poet of the Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368), remarks in Chongqing that, “there is a place surrounded by two rivers; its impressive sound from a holy palace can expel all those sorrows.” He speaks highly of the mountain city surrounded by Yangtze and Jialing River. In the belief that he hears the sound from holy city, he feels refreshed and exhilarated.


Nowadays, these sceneries are increasingly beautiful. Chaotianmen Wharf has become the best place for visitors at home and abroad to appreciate Yuzhong Peninsula. On the Changbin Road adjacent to Chaotianmen Wharf is enormous hustle and bustle. Besides, in the proximity, Changjiang River Bridge and Chaotianmen Bridge are impressive, decorated with colorful lights.


At present, the Chaotianmen Plaza is under construction, named as “sailing forwards”, making tremendous strides in the future. 


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