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News from World Elevator---July 31


Ontario's Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has rescinded a sweeping three-year-old upgrade directive. According to CP 24, the industry has reacted with both surprise and anger. At issue are older single-speed elevators typically found in lower-rise buildings. In 2014, TSSA ordered all of them in the province (700-1,200) to be significantly upgraded by improving leveling accuracy to less than 1 cm. The deadline for compliance was the end of 2021. However, TSSA has announced the mandate was no longer necessary, explaining, "TSSA has continued to monitor and review incident, maintenance and inspection order data. The outcome is that the data trends do not support the mandatory upgrade of single-speed elevator-motion controls.” This TSSA letter is being mailed to owners.


The Fragrance Group, Singaporean developer of a pair of proposed hotels in Hobart, is getting flak from local officials concerned the structures will mar the historic character of their city, capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania, ABC News reports. The Fragrance Group has increased heights of the proposed buildings by 120 m, to 210 m, for a Davey Street hotel, and by 21 m, to 94 m, for one on Collins Street. The Davey Street structure would have 186 m of inhabitable floors and a 24-m-tall spire. A Hobart councilman also voiced concerns about lack of infrastructure. A consultant hired by the city recommended against any new structures taller than 75 m. Hobart's current tallest building is the Wrest Point Casino at 73 m.

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