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Daddy and Me Time at Little Park

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The importance of bonding with your baby during the early years is something we all agree on. In general fathers have less time to do so, and that is a shame. Saturday mornings are the universal day to give mothers a break and bond with kids, or so it seems when I am out and about on Saturday morning.

Little Park has a playgroup called Busy Hands each Saturday from 10 to 12. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month this playgroup has a Daddy&Me session, which highlights the importance of father and child development. It opens a opportunity to seek support from other fathers, and gives mommy the morning off. To make the morning even more enjoyable, Deli de Luxe offers a free coffee for the moms taking some time for themselves. And if daddy joins Daddy&Me playgroup six times in a row, the whole family gets a free brunch at Deli de Luxe. I call that a great deal – too bad my husband always works on Saturday.

Deli de Luxe is a cozy living room restaurant, which provides the neighborhood with a place to get together and share a meal with friends and family. They have healthy meals and also offer catering. For more information scan the QR codes on the poster underneath.

Photos: Courtesy of Little Park, Pixabay

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