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Pop Star Ariana Grande to Visit Beijing in August

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In a bid to stay hip at beijingkids we do our best to stay o the latest pop star news. As Justin Bieber is no longer welcome in China, Ariana Grande very welcome. She will be performing August 26 at Huaxi Live (AKA the Le Sports Center). It’s our hope that some teens will be able to attend and let their hair down before they start school around that time.

Unfortunately, she has been in the news for less fortunate events as of late. A terrorist attack on her concert caused 22 deaths in Manchester on May 22. She, however, came back two weeks later with an array of her greatest hits to have a show (One Love) raising money for the victims of this horrible tragedy.

I have been listening to the radio a lot in a bid to stay on top of the latest hits. Delving further into Grande’s history and her younger years, I found out some interesting facts and was surprised by the level of commitment of this young woman. Though I would not normally bring my daughter to concerts, I would take my four year old to a Grande concert if I had the chance.

Grande performed in the theater when she was a child, playing roles like Annie and performed in musicals like The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast. When she was only eight she even performed with various orchestras like the South Florida Philharmonic. She made her first national TV appearance soon after, and from there worked for many seasons with Nickelodeon, starring in many sitcoms for teenagers.

Grande started to make YouTube videos of herself covering songs from Mariah Carey, Adele, and Whitney Houston and was later picked up by Republic Records. She is not only a singer and performer but a songwriter as she also wrote some of the songs on her albums. I remember my first concert I went to (The Spice Girls) and to say I was impressed was an understatement. I still remember all the details, the songs, the dancing, and the lights. It was one of the best nights of my teenage life.

Hopefully loads of teens will be able to attend her concert in Beijing and if they need some help getting ready for this shindig, check out the five juiciest Grande songs here. For tickets go to

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