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We're Hiring: Legal Intern

職位描述 Job Description:

主要職責(基本功能)Principal Responsibilities: (Essential Functions):

  • 外商投資涉及的各類行業進行法律研究

    Conducting legal research in various industries relevant to foreign investment in China

  • 在高級顧問的指導下處理外商投資企業 (如外商獨資企業, 外商投資商業性公司, 合資企業, 代表處, 分支機構等) 設立、變更、註銷等事宜

    Dealing with incorporation, alteration and de-registration of Foreign Invested Enterprises (e.g. WFOE, FICE, JV, RO, Branches, etc.) under Senior Associate’s instruction

  • 與政府部門聯絡瞭解當地的政策和實踐要求

    Liaison with governmental authorities to understand local policy and practice

  • 在高級顧問和部門經理的指導下,提供外商直接投資相關的顧問服務(如勞動事宜、合同事宜)

    Provide FDI related advisory services (e.g. labor issues, contract issues etc) under the supervision of Senior Associate or Department Manager

  • 其他分配的工作

    Other work as assigned

工作要求 Job Requirements:

技能 Skills:

  • 扎實的法律知識, 特別是在公司法及外商投資相關法律法規方面

    Solid legal knowledge on corporate laws and foreign investment related legislations

  • 流利的中英文寫作和口語能力

    Fluent in both spoken and written English and Mandarin

  • 具有良好的敬業精神和團隊合作精神

    Professional attitude and good team player

  • 能確保每周至少3天的實習時間

    Guarantee at least 3 days working time per week

教育背景 Educational Background:

  • 法學專業

    Major in Law

  • 有律所實習經驗者優先 

    Prefer candidates with working experience in law firms

  • 實習期間表現優秀者有機會提升為正式員工

    Job offers will be provided to candidates with good performance

Candidates who are interested please send your resume (both Chinese and English) to [email protected]