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We're Hiring: Senior Associate, Business Advisory Services

Location: China, Guangzhou 

Function: Business Advisory Services 

Role: Associate

Job Title: Senior Associate


Department: Business Advisory Service


Business Card Title: Senior Associate 


Report to: Department Manager


Working Location: Guangzhou, China


The Legal Associate is responsible for helping foreign invested companies establish, maintain and develop their businesses in China, including business incorporation, business restructuring, employment and residency of foreign individuals, etc.

主要職責:(基本功能)Principal Responsibilities: (Essential Functions)

  • 為外商投資企業提供關於商務、公司、勞動爭議等事項的法律方面的咨詢服務,包括但不限於:

    Provide FDI-related legal advisory services on commercial, corporate and labor dispute matters, including but not limited to:

    • 對於中華人民共和國所適用的各項法律、法規、規章、規則的遵守

      Compliance with the applicable P.R.C. laws, regulations, codes and rules

    • 特定資質的申請

      Applications for specific qualifications

    • 國家及地方的優惠政策

      State and local preferential policies

    • 國內及國際的商業重組事宜

      National and international restructuring issues

    • 跨境資產及設備的轉移

      Cross border transfer of assets and machinery

    • 國內及跨境併購

      Domestic and cross border mergers and acquisitions

    • 破產及清算程式

      Liquidation and bankruptcy procedures

    • 稅務咨詢

      Advice relating to tax efficiency

    • 簽證事宜

      Visa issues

  • 商業規劃,對於下列公司的註冊提供咨詢服務並完成其設立或修改程式:

    Business structuring, advice, including completion and amendment of company registrations for:

    • 外國企業駐中國代表機構

      Representative Office

    • 分公司

      Branch Office

    • 外商獨資企業

      Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises

    • 外商合資企業

      Joint Ventures

    • 控股公司

      Holding Companies

    • 等等


  • 提供與公司內部稽查、法律盡職調查及併購交易方面相關的法律服務

    Participate in legal services relating to internal health checks, legal due diligence and M&A transactions

  • 負責法律文件的起草、修改以及翻譯,例如:

    Being responsible for drafting, reviewing and translating legal documents such as:

    • 商業合同及協議

      Commercial contracts/agreements

    • 勞動合同

      Labor contracts

    • 公司內部規章

      Corporate internal regulations

    • 合資合同、章程、備忘錄

      JV MOU

    • 其他法律文件

      Other legal documentations

  • 公司交辦的其他事項

    Other tasks assigned by the Company

工作要求Job Requirements:

技能 Skills:

  • 出色的口頭和書面溝通能力

    Excellent oral and written communication ability

  • 較強的客戶服務技巧

    Customer service skills

  • 熟悉外商投資企業在中國的商業結構、運作模式和相關法律法規

    Wide knowledge and experience in Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) business structuring in China as well as the applicable laws/regulations

  • 熟悉外國企業駐中國代表機構、分公司、外商獨資企業、外商合資企業等的設立程式

    Strong working knowledge of set-up procedures for RO, Branch, WFOE, JV etc.

  • 熟悉企業破產和清算流程

    Familiar with liquidation and bankruptcy procedures

  • 能夠熟練閱讀、翻譯、起草、修改和審查法律文書

    Ability to read, interpret, draft, modify and review legal documents

  • 流利的中英文口語及寫作能力

    Fluent in both spoken and written English and Mandarin

  • 能夠適應經常性出差和加班

    Able to work in a flexible environment where overtime and frequent business trips may be required

  • 誠實可靠、工作細緻,註重團隊合作精神,能夠有效的解決問題

    Dependable and accurate; with effective problem-solving skills and ability to work as a good team player

教育背景 Educational Background:

  • 法學專業,大學大學部或以上學歷

    Bachelor Degree or above, major in law

  • 透過國家司法考試

    PRC law qualified

經驗 Experience:


At least 3 year working experience in FDI, preferably working experience in law firm or consulting firm

工作關係 Working Relations:

  • 維持跨部門的關係,以解決客戶的問題

    Maintain good relations between departments to resolve client problems

  • 有效溝通與內部和外部客戶的關係

    Effectively communicate with both internal and external clients

  • 發展和溝通與主管的工作關係

    Develop communication and working relationship with Supervisor

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