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High-end Property in Shenzhen: Jingshan Villa

Jingshan Villa is a high-end property developed by China Merchants Property Development (CMPD) ever since 1986, comprises 183 individual villas and 84 apartment units. For over 20 years, people from different countries lived in Jingshan, some stay here for over 15 years.

Many Senior managers and their families of the world famous companies are live in JingShan over 20 years.Jingshan Villa is a international community, it is also a big warm family, people from all over the world live here with peace and pleasure. China Merchants Property Development (CMPD), as property owner of Jingshan Villa, is one of the biggest property developer in China. For 30 years, it have paid great efforts in shaping the international Shekou.

Jingshan MGT Center provides 24-hour free service including the repairing, gardening and security to the tenants. Four administrators from Customer Service Department will provide service to tenants, including checking in and out, following up the repairing and collecting the feedback of the tenants. China Merchants Co. Ltd. also invite a foreign counselor to cooperate with the administrators to handle with the complains from the tenants.

Jingshan Surrounding: Sea World
Time endows the Sea World with unique humanistic connotations. With characteristics of freedom, toleration and elegance, Sea World again becomes the urban landmark of Shenzhen. While the Sea World Plaza, as the core of the city complex and a result of global wisdom, consists of Minghua Cruise, Center Plaza, and A, B, C zones, has become the most unique and influential business block in the Shenzhen west bank. In this international coastal new town, you can always expect delicious food, wonderful entertainment activities, various boutique goods, top entertainment & leisure places and unique experience. It gathers most charming elements in life, and becomes a model in terms of city upgrade and leisure block culture reforming.

Welcome to live in Jingshan!

鯨山別墅位於深圳蛇口工業大道南段西側依山面海而建,與香港元朗隔海相望。西部跨海大橋建成後,蛇口與香港之間可以車馬之聲相聞。濱海大道的開通使鯨山別墅到深圳市區的車程不超過15分鐘。 該項目只租不售,承租人大多為開發南海油田的世界各國著名石油公司,以及國際知名大企業高級管理人員,現有來自美國、英國、法國、德國、瑞典、挪威等三十多個國家和地區的700餘名外籍人士在此居住。一套別墅目前每月租金價格是三萬五到六萬這個區間。

Place Name: Jingshan Villa / 鯨山別墅

Place Address: No. 1007, Nanhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山區南海大道1007號

Place Phone: 755-26890071

Email: [email protected]

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