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These places in Chongqing will bring you a cool summer

A series of heavy rain a few days ago tricked us into thinking that Chongqing would finally say goodbye to the summer, but the weather report proved us wrong.

So we will  recommend several good places again for you to survive in the scorching summer!

Route 1:

As small as it is,  Pianyan Ancient Town 偏岩古鎮 has more than 300 years of history, and is full of freshness and tranquility. It's not only a place for wandering around but also for playing water and catching crabs. There are lots of activities to do in Pianyan Ancient Town in summer, such as playing Mahjong while standing in the water, looking for delicacies or enjoying a foot bath in a stream. Are there any other fun activities to do?

Shengtian Lake 聖天湖 is not very far from Pianyan Ancient Town. It has lush vegetation and particularly clear lake water, which offers an ideal place for camping, fishing and barbecue. It will be more comfortable to have a tour by boat or going swimming. When we stand on the top of Jindao Gorge, we will be greeted by the coolness of the lush vegetation on the towering cliffs. Nothing is more exciting than Jindao Gorge canyoning in the summer.

Self-driving Routes:  downtown -- Pianyan Ancient Town -- Shengtian Lake -- Jindao Gorge – downtown


Trip mileage: 150km

Route introduction: It belongs to the short drive route. With scenic spots concentrated in Beibei District, it needs only one day normally.

Route 2:

Known as the "miniature of Emei Mountain", Shengdeng Mountain 聖燈山 is a natural grand garden that accommodates dense forests and various kinds of plants. Standing on the top of Shengdeng Mountain at night, tourists will have a panoramic view of the Yuzhong Peninsula night scene.

Located in Shengdeng Mountain, Foying Gorge 佛影峽 is filled with mist and rain throughout the whole year, and the whole canyon is winding and bumpy. The Foying Gorge Drift features continuously different-size drops will bring you unprecedented excitement. In addition, Nan Lake Fishing Village was built by the use of natural building materials — bamboo, wood and stone — its layout was designed creatively to integrate the natural landscapes of lake and mountains.

Self-driving Routes: downtown -- Shengdeng Mountain -- Foying Gorge -- Nan Lake -- downtown


Trip mileage: 250km

Route introduction: It is a shorter drive route. With scenic spots concentrated in Ba'nan District, it needs two to three tour days.

Route 3:

Black Valley 黑山谷, an untraversed region, boasts of high mountains, dense forests and various beautiful sceneries throughout the year. With one drawbridge among the mist and cliffs that rise a thousand feet sheer, it's a perfect place for avoiding summer heat by playing in the water in summer. On the top of Black Mountain is Wansheng Dreamy Ordovician. 

Baihua Valley 百花谷 is located at the north gate of Black Valley. Various flowers bloom in Baihua Garden. Visitors can appreciate more than 250 kinds of colorful roses in the rose garden. Tourists can live in tents or high-end motor homes, taste cold-water, fish and enjoy the stars among the flowers at night. Banliao Lake, as one newly-developed web attraction, owns sunshine, sand beach, cactus and colorful shells here and there. In addition, you can paddle a boat or ride in a motorboat.

Self-driving Routes:  downtown -- Black Valley -- Baihua Valley -- Banliao Lake -- downtown



Trip mileage: 270km

Route introduction: It belongs to the short drive route. With scenic spots concentrated in Wansheng District, it needs 2-3 days. 


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