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7 cheap and cheerful children's products you can find at Miniso

If you're not familiar with Miniso, this low-cost chain stocks homewares, toys and cosmetics from locations across the city. It looks a bit like the Japanese homewares store Muji but prices hover around 10-15RMB for most things, save for a few big ticket items. Miniso is clean, bright and stocks toys of a reasonable quality, especially when you consider just how gosh-darn cheap they are.



Socks in a variety of colours are a steal at 15RMB for three-packs and come in a range of sizes. 

Hello Kitty hairbrushes


We're digging these Sanrio-adorned hairbrushes. Take it on good authority that the largest, paddle-brush size works pretty well on the kind of thick, curly hair that starts to feel it when ignored.

Remote-controlled cars


This citrus-hued, remote-controlled Lamborghini is only 35RMB! There's also an adorable remote-controlled Mini Cooper version on offer.


From 29RMB

These headphones, which cost between 29RMB and 59RMB a pop, might not have the best sound quality but we sure love the price point for kids that will end up using them with gusto.

Colourful umbrellas


These cheap 'n' chirpy umbrellas range between ten and 49RMB. 

Water bottles


After a water bottle or thermos flask? You're in luck: there's loads and they're all super cheap.

Stuffed animal backpacks


Little ones will love these stuffed animal backpacks – and they're pretty good quality for the price. 

Phone cables and cases

From 15RMB

Phone cables: kids use them, abuse them and they break or get lost. Considering the working life of these little guys, it makes sense to only spend your pocket change on a 10RMB one from Miniso. 

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