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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with Cold Shower

There I stood, 5:30 am naked as all get out with a cold shower running in the middle of December.

I was going to do this. I read about the benefits of cold showers, and I was going to get in for 5 minutes. I was, and then I wasn’t, and then I was again. It took me longer to convince myself to take a cold shower than the shower itself lasted. 

“How bad could it really be?” I kept asking myself and then BOOM!!

It was like thousands of ice cold and angry drops of water, mad at me for forcing them from their slumber deep within the pipes.


The cold water steals your breath, and you begin to hyperventilate. The oxygen is running from you, and the cold shower challenges you to catch it while dealing with the freezing water. You do get a little use to it, but it proves Einstein’s theory of relativity because those first seconds feel like an eternity. I rushed to do my regular shower routine, you know get all my 2000 parts.

Just as I rinsed off, the timer went off letting me know that I completed my first cold shower. I turned the water off and thought. “I did it.”. 

I felt like I had just slain a monster and had a feeling that this was the worst thing I’d go through for the rest of the day. It’s a pretty good feeling and a hell of a confidence boost...

--- Carlos D'Angelo

Have you tried a real cold shower? After watching this video below, I bet you will try at least once!

Source: Improvement Pill on Youtube

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