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Hymns- [Morning Dawn Had Arisen]


Morning dawn had arisen,

Abraham saddled his donkey,

Took his two young men with him

And Isaac, his beloved son.

Lord You're God's only Son

And of God begotten

"This is My beloved Son, in whom

I am well-pleased."


To his young men he said then

"Stay and we'll return to you"

To Moriah he led him,

His son Isaac — just them two.

Just the son and the father

Speaking with one another

Isaac said, "My father!"

Abraham said, "Here I am,"


As You spoke with Your Father

You bore the wood God laid on You;

As a lamb to the slaughter

Obedient to the death were You.

Precious blood of a lamb,

Slain before earth began,

Laid Your life down for your sheep, in love

That I might live.


Man of sorrows, I love You.

From You men did hide their face.

With no majesty to You,

Despised, forsaken, and disgraced,

For my sins You were crushed,

Lord, I love You so much,

Chastened, scourged and then pierced through,

My griefs and sorrows bore.


Dead in sins and offenses,

I'm a bruised reed — smoking flax

Yet to death You were given

For of Your sheep, You'd not lose one.

Like the woman, I'd weep

Flow my tears at Your feet

Jesus Lord, I just love You — dear Lord

Jesus my Lord.