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[Oct21-29] 9-Days Hiking in Sichuan;Escape the Crowed Time

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- Visiting one of the most beautiful Tibetan Village--Jiaju Tibetan Village, voted by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005

- Experience Tibetan Cultures/Tibetan Buildings/Tebetan Buddhism (NOT ONLY in Tibet!! We will travel most the time in Tibetan Area in Sichuan)

- Lots of holy Mountains and Lakes, Grassland/Grass Mountain, Kinds of wild flowers bloomed , Amazing blue sky in the day and Lots of Stars at night ^^

- Nature Hotpring at altitute 3000+m

- Hiking to the awesome lake on the top of the mountain4200+m high


Danba-Jiaju Tibetan Village--One of the most beautiful village in China

Jiaju Tibetan village is located in the mountain range in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in southwest Sichuan province. “Jiaju” means a hundred of households in Tibetan. More than 200 colorful Tibetan buildings spread over the green mountain under the blue sky, forming a stunning landscape painting. Known as the "Tibetan Fairyland", Jiaju Tibetan Village is a great destination for photography. It is one of the most beautiful ancient villages, voted by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005.

Danba-Dangling Villages with Holy Mountains and Lakes

Dangling is located in the Danba County of Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.The uqique geology and physiognomy keep Dangling in the most original natural ecosystems. Dangling preserves a large amount of treasured flora and fauna living fossils from the Quaternary period,which have already been vanished in most areas. This advantage makes Dangling an important museum of geological history and the species gene bank in the world.

Surrounding the hot-springs is a picturesque primeval forest, sitting in the hot-spring bath, washing away the weariness from the travelling.

Majia Valley, the fairyland of outdoor hiking and the holy land for phtotgraphy enthusiasts. It's located in Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The valley is about 3000m-4000m high and where can also see many snow mountains over 5000m altitude.

The valley is about 20km and the entire area is about 100 km square. The valley is full of sunshine and more than 90% plants, abundant resources, kinds of trees and flowers; And with the changing of elevation, the plants are showing in step changing with many colors. Also there are many lakes, waterfalls.

Four Sisters Snow Mountain -- Four Girls Mountains also called Siguniangshan, or Siguniang Mountains. It is said that the Four Girls Mountains are the goddess of the mountains in southwestern China .

The highest peak in this area is Mount Fourth Girl, also called Yaomei Peak (6250m), a knife edged rock peak. Mount Fourth Girl has three peaks on the southern ridge. These are called Third Girl(5355m), Second Girl(5238m) and First Girl (5038m).

Mount Siguniang is famous for its beautiful scenery. The area is reputed to be the "Oriental Alps". Mount Siguniang National Park was identified as a UNESCO Heritage Site as part of Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuariesin 2006. The park comprises Mount Siguniang and the surrounding three valleys, namely Changping Valley , Haizi Valley and Shuangqiao Valley , covering an area of 2,000sq km.

ABOUT THIS TRIPTime: Oct 20th - 29th                                 Chengdu, SichuanTrip Infomation 

** Difficulty: Easy-Medium 2-6/10[Note: There are 2 peaks around 4200m high we need to hike, but also ok to take horse or skip it; Majiagou Village, can skip the peak; Dangling, can take horse to half way, and hike the last few km at the end to the peak]

** Transportation:  
- Flight/Train to Chengdu at your own cost
- Private SUV car in Sichuan

** Meetup Time/Point

- Meetup Time: May 27th, anytime

- Meetup Point: Hotel nearby airport

** Accommodations

- Hotel or Tibetan Guesthouse

** Hiking Leaders:

- Hiking Leaders from HikingLovers Outdoor Club

ITINERARY    DAY 1 // Friday- Oct 20

Oct 20th is working day; Take night flight, meet in Chengdu

Hotel is nearby Airport, can arrange Free Airport Pickup

[Note: according to team/weather/unexpected reasons, itinersary maybe have some change]

DAY 2 // Satday - Oct 21

07:00 Get up and breakfast

08:00 Awesome trip starts, Let's go

09:00 After about 1 hour diving, will get better and better view of nature and mountains

10:00 The more we get into the deep mountains, the more you will like it, enjoy

11:30 About 4 hours diving, we can reach Four Sisters Snow Mountain [

12:00 Find a small resturant in the small town for lunch and take some rest in the town

13:00 After lunch, we will 2-3 hrs hiking nearby Four sisters and then 2 hrs driving to Majiagou Valley. 

DAY 3 // Sunday - Oct 22th

Hiking at Majiagou Valley , hiking to Moon Lake which is about 4200m high, about 6-7 hrs hiking! at this time, Majiagou Valley has her most beautiful moment. 

Then one night camping at the bottom of the mountain. [Guesthouse will prepare all the camping equipments]

DAY 4 // Monday - Oct 23th 

Relaxing today in the valley, enjoy the sunshine or we can walk around the valley. Always will find some surpise beautiful here. 

In the afternoon hike out of the valley and 1.5 hrs driving to the most beautiful Tibetan village- Jiaju Tibetan Village

DAY 5 // Tuesday - Oct 24

Today can visit the Tibetan village in the morning and then let's go hiking. There is a nice abandoned Tibetan village on the top of the mountain opposite of the village, was great to hike there to overview the most beautiful Tibetan Village, hiking is about 5-6 hrs

[Pictures below were taken in CNY time, In end of Oc will be much more beautiful with mountain forest changing the color]

DAY 6 // Wednesday - Oct 25th

07:30 Breakfast 

08:00 Get ready and let's drive to Dangling 

12:00 Arrived the village about 12:00 noon and lunch in the guesthouse

13:00 Let's go hiking... About 1.5 hours hiking to reach the natural hotspring pool

15:00 Enjoy the most natural hotspring.

18:30 Dinner time

19:30 Enjoy the night -- play games, cards , chatting , but dont drink too much, tmr need to hike quite a lot

22:00 Sleep early

[Pictures below was taken in Jun, IN autumn, more beatuiful with all trees will turning yellow]

DAY 7 // Thursday - Oct 26th 

07:00 Get up and breakfast

08:00 Start hiking 

10:00 Keep calm and hike on!

12:00 Lunch nearby the awesome lake with good snow mountain view

13:00 Let's go hiking a bit more to overview the awesome lake

14:00 Let's go down

18:30 Time for dinner, local food

19:30 Enjoy the last night in the quiet and beautiful village.

DAY 8 // Friday - Oct 27th

07:00 Get up and Breakfast

08:00 Drive to Four Sisters Snow Mountain 

11:00 Arrived at Four Sisters Snow Mountain and Let's go for some hiking to have an awesome view of Four Sisters Snow Mountain

12:00 Lunch just in front of the four sisters mountains

In the after, you can just enjoy the sunshine here or keep hiking further a bit

16:00 Hiking down

17:00 Arrived at the hotel and take a rest

18:30 Dinner time

DAY 9 // Satday - Oct 28th

One more day we will schedule something around. Will update soon.

DAY10 // Sunday - Oct 29th

07:00 Get up and Breakfast

08:00 Drive Back to Chengdu.

About 4 hours driving if no traffic. So you can book flight in the afternoon.

If you will book flight at night. In the afternoon, we can arrange the car drive you to see the panda. Enterence Tickets at your own cost. 

COST    PRICE:  4800RMB;                                    4600RMB for early birds;                         4500RMB for HikingLovers VIP

*** Max 18 ppl plus trip leader [4-6ppl/SUV Car]

Deposit: 2000RMB should be paid at least 20 days in advance. 

*** 200RMB less for Early Bird paid deposit 30 days in advance.

*** 300RMB less for HikingLovers VIP memebers [Check here to see how to be HikingLovers VIP]


*** All the transportation fees and driver’s allowances [SUV Car 4-6 ppl per car]

*** All the organizing fees and leaders’ allowances

*** Utility equipment and first aid

*** Outdoor insurance

*** All the tourist enterence fee or admin fees

*** Local Guide

*** 8 nights accommdations [Mostly Tibetan Guesthouse]

*** 8 breakfasts; 7 dinners; 1 lunch [noondle with beef for lunch]


*** Alcoholic drinks 

*** 2 lunches in the town we will passby; 4 lunches during hiking

*** Last day optional to Panda Zoo, Enterence tickets

*** Personal shopping and other cost not mentioned above

*** Invoice (6% extra if you need an invoice)


Must Equipments

- Hiking Shoes

- Sports Clothes/Towel/Shower gel/Shampoo

- Backpack for all your stuffs

- Small backpack for a-day hiking

- Warm clothes for the night

- 4 lunches druing hiking [Better to bring from Shanghai]

- Personal regular medicine


Optional Equipments

- Sun-glasses/Sun-cream [Highly recommended]

- Hiking Pole (Suggested)

- Headlight

- Raincoats


Provide us your personal information for insurance to our Email: [email protected] or just send via WeChat directly

- Full Name (If Chinese, please send your name in Chinese)

- Gender

- Nationality

- Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY)

- Passport Number or ID Number

- Phone Number

- Emergency contact name and phone number


Pay the deposit to secure your spots

- BOC/ICBC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

- Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English version and all the transfer are free)

- Cash on the door or delivery


Please contact us via the following

- WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

- Email: [email protected]

- Skype: silver_liyin

- MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver)


Or just scan the following QR to add Silver or Shine directly if you have any questions;


- If you canceled BEFORE 20 DAYS of the departure time, all the deposit will be REFUNDED.

- If you canceled WITHIN the LAST 20 DAYS of the departure time, NO REFUND, but you can find someone to replace your seat

- HikingLovers has the right to adjust the schedule due to weather conditions and safety. 

DISCLAIMER        Considering that Outdoor hiking trips have some risks and the unexpected environmental changes or other uncertainties, the organizer will buy professional outdoor insurance for all the members before the trip and also will organize rescue of any emergency on site. All the participants need to follow the organization of the trip organizer/hiking leaders/coordinators/Local guide. Otherwise you should bear your own consequences caused by your mistakes. We hereby declare that the trip organizers will not have any joint liability of the unpredictable accidents caused by Environment or any accidents caused by the participants’ mistake during the hiking trips.ABOUT US    

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