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Sports Center of Jinhua City / Zhejiang University

From the architect. Jinhua City Sports Center is located in the southern second ring road to the north facing the city gate, in the north lies the beautiful scenery of the Lake Water Park, the water floats from southeast, which is virtually the main vein through the city, to form a clear and vivid space axis.

Combined with the project of "sports building" features, the design refined "jump" as the overall design of the theme image, which forms shape and landscape design of the main elements throughout the architectural design to form a beautiful curve and surface, in order to present the cultural image of JinhuaWu and express the strength and spirit temperament of Sport Buildings.

The plan includes one stadium containing the total seats of 30130, and one gym with 5987 seats, and one swimming pool with 1616 seats.  The three main buildings are designed in the layout design like Chinese ”pin”, which forms a central square by centripetal approach. The structure and the site are designed together by two spatial spindles and a circular secondary shaft. On the east side of the main city road, the city is equipped with an open and sunken leisure Plaza facing the city. It combines the green space and the surface of the water to create the main entrance image.

The stadium canopy adopts the curved spatial structure system, which uses the truss arch structure and the shell combines, the horizontal projection is crescent shape, its length is 263 meters, the maximum cantilever structure is 44.5 meters, the highest point of structure is 42.4 meters.

The gymnasium is consisted by the two parts; they are the contest hall and the exercise hall. There are 4549 fixed seats and 1438 movable sports seats in the contest hall, on the first floor, the two independent halls are set up respectively.

The swimming pool includes a 50X25 meter match pool, and one 50X20 meter training pool and one playing pool. From which, there are 803 fixed seats and 813 movable seats in the contest pool. The training pool has wide vision and good lighting equipment; It can be used as children's swimming, teaching and entertainment places.

We used the V- shaped column as an important structural element of the building for these three venues, in order to pursue the rich rhythm and dynamic at the same time, and use the concrete pouring to reflect its premium, its solid weight and stable component itself. It has the obvious contrast against the lightness of the arched roof of the three gymnasiums.

Through the finite element analysis of the whole structure, we put the steel truss face to main vertical force component - V - shaped columns; makes the structural mechanics combined with the concepts of the sports building movement. In the course of construction, the spatial coordination and the angle of reinforcing bars of each steel bar are determined by space modeling, and the construction quality of the local reinforced bar region are ensured.

  • Architects

    Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University

  • Location

    2688 Shuanglong South Street, Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

  • Lead Architects

    Dong Danshen, Hu Huifeng, Fang Hua

  • Project Team

    Qin Min, Zhang Yongqing, Yan Hui, Chen Xian, Ma Di

  • Client

    Jinhua Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd.

  • Area

    98183.0 m2

  • Project Year


  • Photographs

    Zhang Yong






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