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Hymns- [With the Kisses of Your Mouth]


With the kisses of Your mouth,

Have You kissed me Lord

From your kisses flows a fountain,

From a depth unknown.

Gently tempered by Your touching

Of my deepest chords,

My heart's renewed with gladness,

And my love o'erflows.


Let me kiss You, drink You deeper,

Fully satisfy.

All the longings deep within me,

For Your presence nigh,

And a deeper, sweeter union,

Of Your life with mine

That our natures fully mingled,

Would our hearts entwine.


Ever increase, Lord within me,

My desire for You.

Let Your kisses ever kiss me,

And that I'd kiss You.

Dear Lord Jesus, may I ever be,

So betrothed to You.

May I love You always love You,

And respond to You.