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Establishing A Vital Living[Lesson6 day4]

Lesson 6 Pray-reading the Lord's word

Day 4

Scripture Reading:

Psalms 119:147 I anticipated the dawn and cried out; I hoped in Your words.

I Hoped in Your Words

David said in Psalm, "I anticipated the dawn and cried out; I hoped in Your words." The crying here is to call by saying "O Lord!" It is also to pray and to speak to the Lord. To cry unto the Lord is to call on Him and to speak to Him....When you speak out all that you have, you are breathing out. When you take in the grace of the Lord, you are breathing in. We breathe out carbon dioxide, and we breathe in the oxygen from God. In this cycle, spontaneously we are cleansed within, and our whole being becomes healthy.

Treasure Every Word of the Bible

If we have tasted the pray-reading, we will treasure every word of the Bible. If I had the time, I could pray-read Genesis 1:1 for a whole day. The more we pray, the tastier it becomes....This kind of pray-reading will fully mingle the Lord's word with our spirit. It will give our spirit the greatest exercise.

The Quickest Way to Receive the Lord's Word Is to Pray-read

David said again, "My eyes anticipate the night watches, That I might muse upon Your word." This shows us that in the experience of the Old Testament saints, there was the prayer, the hoping in the Lord's word, and the meditation on the Lord's word. Today, for us, the New Testament believers, the quickest way to receive the Lord's word is not to meditate on His word; rather it is to pray-read His word. It is easy for the mind to receive the Lord's word with its mental faculty. But in pray-reading the Lord's word, there is the crying and the calling, and it will be spontaneous and natural to turn the Lord's word into prayer.

Further Reading:

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