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Calling All Dessert Connoisseurs

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Dessert connoisseurs never need an excuse to treat themselves to a delectable piece of cake, cupcake or  any sort of dessert. No matter the occasion or time of day, dessert lovers alike will agree that having dessert is all about feeding the soul with food that makes them feel like they’ve finally found Heaven on Earth.

A&M Bakery

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A&M Bakery is an American bakery specialising in delightful cakes and cupcakes. A&M Bakery aims to bring creativity into their aesthetically pleasing cupcakes alongside a heavenly mix of flavors.

Founded in 2013 by Alicia & Melvin, A&M Bakery has since opened two stores located in Jinxiu Road and IFC. The store in Jinxiu Road has modern and industrial décor making it a great stylish hangout spot.

Meanwhile the store in IFC has a more luxurious Asian décor setting with lavishly presented desserts, great for when you're feeling a little fancier.

A&M Bakery's extensive menu will be sure to satisfy your sugar craving!  

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Yong Café

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Yong Café can be found on Lama Temple Street specialising in premium coffee freshly made with 100% Arabica Beans.

Arabica coffee is made from a species of coffee beans originally from Ethiopia. Arabica’s caffeine content of only roughly 1.5% attributes to its less bitter taste.

Besides their high quality coffee, Yong Cafe also offers a delicious range of delectable cakes.

Yong Café’s dark décor tones and industrial style are a stark difference from the Lama Temple not far from the café. This is a great place for those looking for a change in scenery and atmosphere and of course, not forgetting the delicous cakes and coffee waiting to be consumed!

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After finding it difficult to find authentic French dessert in Guangzhou, Chef Eason who previously worked in Ritz-Carlton, Singapore, decided to open M-Patisserie after his love for French desserts. At M-Patisserie, Chef Eason aims to create both authentic traditional and modern French desserts.

M-Patisserie customises dessert with special meanings according to individual customer's ideas and needs. 

Located in R & F Goodrich Building, M-Patisserie has trendy industrial décor that will make you excited to indulge in their French sweets.


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Joy Colour

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Located on Zhongshamao Street, Joy Colour's menu reflects their store name as they focus on colorful and delicious macarons and smoothies. However, their menu extends further than macarons and smoothies alone and are equally as delicious.

Joy Colour's store has a beautifully clean design, with sleek décor that allows for the colors of their desserts and smoothies to stand out. Joy Colour is the place to go for great desserts and a comtemporary ambiance. 

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