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15 Pieces of Shit That Have "Made in China" Written All over It

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1You'd think they'd be able to get Asia right...

2My what long legs (and no body) you have...

3You beat the...scrunchies out of it.

4Maybe if you're taking your nails completely OFF...

5No animals were harmed in the making of this "leather."

6I assume the prize is a glass of water?

7I'm sorry, this toy helicopter is capable of CREATING LIFE?!

8Your friends will NEVER notice...

9You are definitely failing Calculus, bro.

10Is that the team with Colby Bryant?

11OK that's pretty clever, China.

12This is gonna get you beat up at Comic-Con.

13Pretty sure you should always skip that...

14The sticker LIES.

15Translation: This glove is probably gonna kill you.

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