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Nice Autumn Parching

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Colorful crops, such as corn, red chili,  chrysanthemum flowers,  cattail leaves are dried in bamboo baskets in the Huangling village in East China's Jiangxi Province , which marked liqiu, or the beginning of autumn in the Chinese lunar calendar. The tradition of shaiqiu, or drying crops in autumn, has now become a symbol of local custom and is a highlight of local tourism.

Photo shows the air-dried hot pepper in Huangling Village of Wuyuan County, east China's Jiangxi Province.  Photo: Xinhua/Hu Dunhuang

A farmer airs the newly-harvested corns in Jinhe Village of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality  Photo: Xinhua/Qu Mingbin

Farmer Yang Tiqiong airs the hot pepper in Dazhou City, southwest China's Sichuan Province  Photo: Xinhua/Deng Liangkui

Tourists learn to air the newly-harvested corns in Qiaotouhe Township of Lianyuan City, central China's Hunan Province  Photo: Xinhua/Zhang Yang

Farmers air-drie the cattail leaves at home in Shuoyueli village, Gaoqing county, Shandong province.  Photo:Xinhua

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