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Today's expression is 發燒友 - Fāshāoyǒu - enthusiast; fan; zealot - literally "fever friend"

Michael Jackson superfan, six, dressed up as the pop star every day for a YEAR 


YOUNG Michael Jackson superfan William Gibbon does his impression of the superstar he dressed as every day for a year.

William, six, fell in love with the singer when he was two after watching the music video for Thriller.

But his mum Michaela, 36, of Manchester, said he does not know his hero is dead as the news would break his heart.

Michaela said: "He loves him and he loves how he dances. He is his youngest fan.

"When he was two I put the music channel on and Thriller came on and he kept mithering for it to come back on.

"He had only seen one video and he was obsessed. When he was three or four he wore the outfits every day for a year.

"He wears them nearly every day now but can't wear them all the time because of school.

"He knows all of the songs off by heart. I didn't have the heart to tell him he was dead. He got so into his music and I couldn't break it to him.

"In the end, my friend's daughter told him Michael was dead. When he was told he just didn't believe it.

"He hasn't mentioned it since. I couldn't break it to him. He still thinks he's alive. He doesn't think it is true.

"We have taken him to tribute concerts and he thought it was really him. We go every year.

"William is so shy but he does dance routines for us at home.”

The youngster has been taken to see the Thriller musical and owns several DVDs, including This Is It and Moonwalker.

He has outfits worn in Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Thriller and Man in the Mirror and his ringtone is Bad.

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