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Chinese Parents Abandon Their Newborn Girl As Parcel

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A newborn girl was abandoned in a delivery parcel by her mother in China.  She was found covering in layers of plastic bags by a delivery man yesterday

The 'parcel' was scheduled to deliver to an orphanage but the driver found a baby inside when he heard crying sound on the way

A new mother wrapped her baby girl in layers of plastic bags and sent her to an orphanage through a delivery service in southeastern China.

The delivery driver was shocked when he heard a crying sound from the package half-way through the journey.

Footage emerged showing onlookers feeding the baby with water to keep her hydrated in the 37 degree Celsius weather.

A newborn girl was found in a parcel wrapped in plastic bags in southeast China's Fuzhou  Photo: Dailymail

According to The Beijing News, a delivery man from Dada Delivery picked up an order in Fuzhou's Jin'an district.

The order was a package delivery to Fuzhou Children's Welfare Institution on August 9.   

Video footage shows a newborn girl wrapped in layers of plastic bags and appeared to be sweating.


AccuWeather indicated that the highest temperature in Fuzhou was 36 degrees Celsius.

Onlookers can be seen trying to feed the baby water using a cotton bud.

In the video, the delivery man says he did not meet the mother but he was told to pick up a package.

The baby appeared to be sweating as local temperatures hit a record 36 degree Celsius (left) Member of public fed the baby water using cotton bud (right)  Photo: Dailymail

The delivery driver (pictured) said he received an instruction to pick up an order in Jin'an  Photo:

Jin'an policemen and paramedics rushed to the scene and took the newborn girl to hospital for a health inspection.  Jin'an police issued a statement on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media account, today confirming to have found the baby's mother.

The 24-year-old mother, surnamed Luo, admitted putting her baby girl in a package and attempting to abandon her using a delivery service. 

Police officers are investigating the alleged abandonment case further.   The baby girl remains in hospital in a stable condition, according to hospital staff.  


Source: Dailymail 

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