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Philippines 30TPH Pellet Mill Passed the Production Test


Philippines 30TPH Pellet Mill Passed the Production Test


From the first mechanical engineer's admission on September 13, 2015, to the last engineer's leaving on October 26, 2016, the Philippines 30TPH Phase II livestock and poultry feed project has successfully completed the production test recently. The first phase of the plant is also contracted by ZHENG CHANG, operating from October 2014.


粉碎機Hammer Mill混合機Mixer


溜管Distributing Tube


    Control system

二期工程在安裝調試過程中遇到了諸多困難,由於一期工程需一天24小時滿負荷運轉不停機, 所以二期工程安裝施工只能在一期工程運轉的情況下開展,這為工程施工增加了難度,也影響了進度。我方工程師剋服重重困難,帶領當地工人加班加點,順利完成安裝調試。

The phase II of the project encountered many difficulties in the installation and commissioning process. It can be only carried out with phase I, and phase I had to run 24 hours a day, which increased the difficulty for the construction of phase II and affected the progress. Our engineers lead the local workers by extending working hours or overtime to solve the difficulties, completed the installation and commissioning successfully.


ZHENG CHANG's engineer Xinhong Zheng fought in the project installation site for six months, and electric control engineer Dong Zhang also worked for three months, away from their family, and returned after successful completion of the work. Customers awarded a certificate to our engineers to express their gratitude, and praised our engineers' professional and responsible work attitude.


Taking “creating value for customers” as the core principle, ZHENG CHANG has been committed to honest operation, technological innovation and quality products.

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