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T3A, an intelligent airport terminal

What special characteristics does the T3A airport terminal of Jiangbei International Airport used on August 29 have?

 Recently, reporters visited the T3A airport terminal and watched the sand table in the large meeting room of the Extension Headquarters. We learned about the overall planning of the airport and visited the T3A in order to enjoy its safety, convenience and intelligence. 

Safety: It is resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 7 or below

It is said that the earthquake fortification intensity and earthquake resistant construction of the T3A airport terminal respectively are 6 and 7, which is resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 7 or below.


Meanwhile, performance-based fire design is cost-effective and reliable. Excepting for big and small fireproof spaces and creatively designed fire control area of 280,000 square meters, the technology of image fire alarm is also applied in the T3A airport terminal. This solves the problem of simple radial alarm omission used in the building with large spaces.


The new terminal also uses advanced and practical security monitoring design. There is digital monitoring network and high-definition cameras set up in key areas in the security monitoring system of the T3A airport terminal, which covers the whole area of the airport terminal. 

Convenience: The shortest walking distance is 150m to the comprehensive traffic hub and the terminal. 

There are many coaches to districts and counties as getting off the airport, so visitors can feel it is convenient to transfer between different means of transportation.


There is a comprehensive traffic hub with 350,000 square meters in front of the T3A airport terminal, which includes taxi, private car, coach, airport shuttle bus, inter-city railway, subway and other means of transportation. So it is a comprehensive stereo metric traffic hub, which realizes that there is no distance for it is only 150m, the shortest walk distance, away from the airport terminal.


The viaduct bridge floor of the T3A airport terminal is 54m wide, which is the widest viaduct in any airport in China at present. There are three ramps in the dispatching floor. Along the near-side lane of the parking building, it is 3+3+3, respective number of lanes for coaches, taxis and social vehicles. Parking length of the lane is 410m and the platform on the side of the lane is 8m wide. It is more convenient and safer for visitors to go on, go off, pick up and place luggage.


In addition, the newly built T3A airport terminal is shaped like the character ‘H.’ There are 66 near plane seats in 80 passenger plane seats, accounting for 80%. It is organized so that that the average walking distance is only 400m to the boarding gate after passengers check in. 

It is very thoughtful that infant cribs are set up in the security inspection of the T3A airport terminal in Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. 

Intelligence: Exactly looking for car by swiping cards and transport luggage with self-service

It is embarrassing for people who can’t find their own car in such a big parking lot when they drive to the airport to pick up friends. In the parking lot of the comprehensive traffic hub of the T3A airport terminal, it becomes much easier. The plate number of each car in the parking lot can be recognized by video license plate recognition. So the parking guide and precise location of each car will be known. When the owner looks for their own car, they can get a location guide to their car by directly swiping card or input license plate number in an inquire terminal.


It only is a miniature of the intelligent airport terminal. As for passengers, there are 32 sets of self-service luggage check-in equipment. It is more convenient and effective for passengers to check in and transport luggage without any stop. 


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