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Travel Hacks | 20 Things That Will Make Your Trip So Much Easier

Even if you're a seasoned travel pro, heading off on a new adventure can be stressful. But you can ditch your drama of tangled cords and missing passports thanks to these insanely cool travel products you've probably never heard of. You'll never leave home again without them!

1 iPhone Camera Lens System

Save room in your suitcase, and pack an attachable camera lens for your iPhone instead of a bulky camera.

2 Jacket Gripper

3 Zolt

Zolt Laptop Charger Plus is the world’s smallest, lightest and smartest laptop charger that delivers streamlined, intelligent, multi-device charging for life on the go.

4 Waterproof iPhone Case

Keep your iPhone safe from the elements with a sturdy waterproof case. An instant underwater camera!

5 Hoodie Pillow

Gone are the days of airplane pillows being dropped and forgotten in the airport terminal. With a hoodie pillow, your path to sound sleeping on the plane is secure.

6 J Pillow

 J-Pillow gets its name from the unique shape. Cradling both the side of the head and UNDER the chin, this plush accessory will leave your entire neck and head supported avoiding any uncomfortable sleeping positions. 

7 Headphone Splitter

Want to pass time on a long flight by watching a movie with your significant other? Share the same device with a splitter.

8 Crumpled City Map

A light, waterproof city map that crumples up conveniently to fit inside your bag or pocket? Yes, please!

9 4-in-1 Travel Adapter

A pack of 4 adapters covers all your power needs in 150 countries. 

10 Foldable Flats

Stay comfy in a pair of foldable flats.

11 Shoe Bags

12 Jewelry Roll

How many times have you gotten ready while traveling and taken an extra 20 minutes just to find your earrings and untangle all of your necklaces? Problem solved by the ultimate jewelry roll.

13  Laundry Bag

Stash your bras and undies in an adorable travel laundry bag

14 Flight Compression Socks

Flight compression support socks are clinically proven to help blood circulation in the legs and thighs, making them perfect for longer flights and drives.

15 Aviator Eye Mask

An aviator sleep mask will ensure that you get some much-needed (and stylish) shut-eye during your travels.

16 Jet Lag Prevention

Stop jet lag before it starts with a simple homeopathic solution.

17 Collapsible Shot Glass

Come armed with a collapsible shot glass for the moment after a long trip when you're ready for a sip of something.

18 Document Holder

A lightweight, transparent document holder will keep your important travel papers safe.

19 Mini Umbrella

Even your favorite weather-tracking website isn’t always 100% sure when there’s a 100% chance of rain. Be prepared with the Mini Umbrella. There’s nothing worse than looking your best, ready for a big night out on vacation, when it starts to downpour and you look like a drowned rat. 

 20 WineSkin

Nothing improves a long flight or a stressful vacation like getting drunk. Unfortunately glass bottles break and plastic bottles leak if not stored and shipped carefully. Enter WineSkin, a transport bag is the first and only way to safely and securely transport wine and other bottles no matter where you go.


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