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Sep 1-3 Hiking & Camping on the Wild Great Wall! Awesome Trip!

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Keep Calm and Hike On!! 

Keep Calm and Adventure On!!


* Why You Should Book This Trip *


- The Best Wild Great Wall you have to go!!!

- Hiking&Camping on the Great Wall which keep the original!!!

- Enjoy the night on the Great Wall full of starts!!!

- Awesome Sunrise on the Great Wall!!

- Nature, hiking and fresh air

- New Hiking Friends from all of the world


The Jiankou Wild Great wall is known for its wildness, unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery. Jiankou means " Arrow Nock" in English, because the shape of the Great Wall is like an arrow on the mountain. And it's also a photographic hotspot. Many amazing Great Wall publishments are taken from here.  

Also Jiankou is also one of the most dangerouse sections after being exposed to the wind and rains fro hundreds of years. And due to the lack of renovations here, some parts have already collapsed. 

As the danger of the Wild Great Wall, and heavy-load hiking. We are looking for experienced hikers!!! As some parts are collapsed, so some part need to climb with hands. Please check the pictures in our blog for the trip last year!!

Blog Of Our Trip Last Year!!


Time: Sep 1stnight - Sep 3rdGreat Wall, BejingTrip Infomation

** Difficulty:  Medium+ (For experienced hikers, the hiking itself is not long, just need to heavy loaded. And some part of the Great Wall are quite broken, so need to use hands to climb.)

** Transportation:  

- Fast Train or Over night train From Shanghai to Beijing

   => Option 1: D322 Shanghai (19:53)-South Beijing (07:39) 

    -Second level seat price: 309RMB (It's an overnight train, as our experi ence, D-train use bed as seats, which means 6 ppl can share 4 beds)

    -Soft sleeper: 650RMB-750RMB for bottom or upper sleeper!

   => Option 2: G160 Shanghai Hongqiao (17:38) to South Beijing (23:27) Second level seat price is 553RMB. 
     (You can stay one night nearby Train station)

   => Option 3: Or you can take flight, meetup at South Beijing Railway Station at 8am on Saturday

- Fast Train or Over night train from Beijing to Shanghai

  => Option 1: G159 South Beijing(17:50)-Shanghai Hongqiao(23:28) 
    - Second level seat price is 553RMB. 

 => Option 2: D321 South Beijing(21:23)-Shanghai(09:12)

    - Second level seat price: 309RMB (It's an overnight train, as our experience, D-train use bed as seats, which means 6 ppl can share 4 beds)

    -Soft sleeper: 650RMB-750RMB for bottom or upper sleeper!

- Private bus from/to Beijing Railway Station & Great Wall

** Meetup Time/Point

- Meetup Time: 8am @ South Beijing Railway Station

- Meetup Point: Will inform in WeChat Group

** Accommodations

- Friday Night: in the train or hotel nearby railway station

- Saturday Night: Camping on the Great Wall!! (Bring your own camping gears or rent with us)

** Hiking Leaders:

- Hiking Leaders from HikingLovers Outdoor Club


"DAY 1

**Keep Calm and Hike On**

19:30 Meetup in the waiting hall of Hongqiao Railway Station

19:53 Train depature--Yeah!! Our amazing Trip is on!!!

          Get some beers; Play cards or games!!

22:00 Time to take a good sleep

"DAY 2

**Keep Calm and Hike On**

08:00 Train arrived and the Bus is waiting for us

10:00 About 2-3 hours driving to reach the hiking site. Hope No Traffic in Beijing!!! 

10:30 Let's go hiking!!!

11:30 Keep Calm and Hike on!!!

12:00 Find a nice place for Lunch

13:00 Keep calm and hike on, Great Wall is amazing!!!

18:00 Arrived at the camping site and let's cook for dinner!!

19:00 Enjoy the night and bonfire under the moon and stars ..

"DAY 3

**Keep Calm and Hike On**

06:30 Get up (Get up eariler if you wanna see sunrise!!!)

07:00 Breakfast

07:30 Let’s go hiking

09:00 Keep calm and hike on!

13:00 Lunch in the guesthouse

14:00 Take the bus and go to the railway station!

17:00 Arrival at South Beijing Railway Station; Train to Shanghai and see you next time^^

* COST *

Price: 900RMB 

(Max 18 People plus hiking leaders;)

*** Price already included the accommdations and most meals,  Max 30 people plus trips leaders)

Deposit: 300RMB should be paid at least 3 days in advance. 

*** 50RMB less for Early Bird paid deposit 20 days in advance.

*** 100RMB less for HikingLovers VIP {Check here for more details about being our VIP}

Payment Options

** BOC/ICBC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

** Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English version and all the transfer are free)

** Cash on the door or delivery

Price included

** All the transportation fees and driver’s allowances in Beijing

** All the organizing fees and leaders’ allowances

** Local guide

** Utility equipment and first aid

** Outdoor insurance

** Sunday's Lunch

** Enterence fee & Some passby fees on the Great Wall

Price not included

** Train/Flight between Shanghai and Beijing (We can help to buy if needed)

** Alcoholic drinks

** Personal shopping and other cost not mentioned above


Must Bring

  • Hiking Shoes (Must Have)

  • One lunch on route; One dinner and One breakfast (Better to bring from Shanghai, dinner and breakfast can use outdoor stoves to cook); 

  • Camping Gears (Tent, mattress and sleeping bag)


  • Sun-glasses/Sun-cream

  • Headlight (Optional)

  • Hiking Pole (Suggested)

  • Raincoats


Provide us your personal information for insurance to our Email: [email protected] or just send to us on WeChat

  • Full Name (For Chinese, please send name in Chinese)

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY)

  • Passport Number or ID Number

  • Phone Number

  • Emergency contact name and phone number

Pay the deposit to confirm your seat

  • BOC/ICBC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

  • Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English version and all the transfer are free)

  • Cash on the door or delivery

Please contact us via the following

  • WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Skype: silver_liyin

  • MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver)


Or just scan the following QR to add Silver or Shine directly if you have any questions;


- If you canceled BEFORE 5 DAYS of the departure time, all the deposit will   be refund.

- If you canceled WITHIN the LAST 5 DAYS of the departure time, no refund, but you can find someone to replace your seat

- HikingLovers has the right to adjust the schedule due to weather conditions and safety.


Considering that Outdoor hiking trips have some risks and the unexpected environmental changes or other uncertainties, the organizer will buy professional outdoor insurance for all the members before the trip and also will organize rescue of any emergency on site. All the participants need to follow the organization of the trip organizer/hiking leaders/coordinators/Local guide. Otherwise you should bear your own consequences caused by your mistakes. We hereby declare that the trip organizers will not have any joint liability of the unpredictable accidents caused by Environment or any accidents caused by the participants’ mistake during the hiking trips.


HikingLovers Outdoor Club was founded May 24, 2013 by a super hikinglover-Silver who enjoyed a lot of hiking in the nature! HikingLovers now turned to be a hiking club organized hiking for foreigners and English Speaking ppl living in Shanghai.We want to make the mixculture of “West meets East” . We have a group of energetic hikinglovers working as full-time/parttime hiking learders from different countries. And our hiking leaders joined Chinese Mountaineering Association's professional outdoor training and first aid training. So join us to adventure the nature and challenge yourself;

HikingLovers -- West Meets East; Keep Calm and Hike on!

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