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Shanghai considered China's safest city according to survey

Unlock your doors and go for a late night stroll down a dark alley: Shanghai is the country's safest city. According to research done by the Horizon Research Consultancy Group, reported by Kankan News, the data collected shows that in Shanghai, the public’s satisfaction rating in terms of how safe they feel reached a 'historical height.'

According to the Shanghai City Public Safety Department’s annual investigative report, there has been a 3.8 percent decrease in the number of criminal cases filed this year compared to last year, a 21.4 percent decrease in traffic incidents and a 14.8 percent decrease in fires.


The sense of safety experienced by Shanghai’s citizens is the result of a concerted effort on multiple fronts to keep the over 24 million population of this city safe – from stronger enforcement of laws and regulations to more resources dedicated by the city to the task of ensuring public safety. We'll sleep easy tonight.

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