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Modified MDI Market Analysis

PUdaily, Shanghai-Given the current PMDI market stalemate without bullish news, PUdaily has studied the MDI market segments and here are the new findings:

Firstly, please read the following two pieces of news:

1.  On July 28, 2017, Wanhua Chemical Zhuhai industrial park phase 1 project has come into production including 100kt waterborne surface material resin and 40kt modified MDI.

2.  On November 16, 2016, Ribang company set up the project of “Annual output of 157.2 million tons of relevant PU products”, including some modified MDI products, which has a total investment of RMB 109.81 million and covers an area of 40 acres.

What is modified MDI

As a derivative of the MDI series products, modified MDI is currently commonly used technical extension of pure MDI and polymeric MDI, which could be widely used in such sectors as slab polyols, elastomers, coatings and adhesives by providing its special properties of usage and processing due to differences of product structure design and synthesis process.

There are various kinds of modified MDI, and several MDI manufacturers giants have also been stepping up the research and development of modified MDI, which has enriched modified MDI types. And the products that have been produced and used in a large scale are as followed:

1. C-MDI

C-MDI, which is also called liquefaction MDI in the market, is formed by the self-aggregation of 44-MDI. Currently, various MDI manufacturers have their own products and brands, such as 100LL of Wanhua Chemical, MM103C of BASF and 2040 of Huntsman which all belong to this series. (This kind of modified MDI is excluded and is called liquefaction MDI according to general understanding in the market.)

2.  Polyols Modification

Polyols Modification is also known as carbamate modification and is formed by reaction of 44-MDI and 24-MDI in a certain proportion.

3. Blended Modification

Blended Modification is usually formed by the mix of polymeric MDI and pure MDI, 24-MDI and polyols modification MDI or C-MDI in a certain proportion.

China Modified MDI Supply and Demand

According to statistics from PUdaily, the total output of various manufacturers’ modified MDI is about 60kt, while the total demand is near to 90kt. So 30kt modified MDI needs to be imported from foreign countries.

Modified MDI is mainly used to make molding flexible foam. It is mainly used in such sectors as car seats, toys and furniture cushion because of low emissions and low order. Toys are mostly made up of modified MDI. Due to cost reasons, cushions are mainly made use of TDI and MDI, while modified MDI is usually used in high-end products.

At present, east China and south China has the largest demand for modified MDI because of the large-scale autos and furniture industry in this area. Wanhua built plant in Zhuhai is also partly because there is a good demand prospect for modified MDI in south China. Foreign companies have been very active in the research and development of modified MDI products. BASF’s MM103C is the representative of C-MDI, and Huntsman 2412, 2424 and 2456 are examples of slab modified MDI due to the favorable usage.

Back to thenews, it is not hard to see that both Wanhua’s Zhuhai project and Tosoh’s Shanghai plant are tend to lay a sound foundation for modified MDI application in the downstream. Besides, due to the advantages of modified MDI under the current strict environment protection strategy, named its low emission and low order, modified MDI will have a bright future in the sector of automotive interior decoration. At present, various manufacturers are stepping up layout to increase their downstream market share of modified MDI. 

Pudaily forecasts that there will be a considerable growth of demand for modified MDI in the future.


Pudaily will continue to issue relevant report and welcome your attention.