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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter21-Part7

Besides this, there are the golden bars and the golden rings that connect and unite all the boards together as one. The rings represent the Holy Spirit. We received the Holy Spirit as the rings at the very beginning of our Christian life when we were regenerated (Luke 15:22 and Gen. 24:47). The rings hold the bars, which also typify the Holy Spirit, but with the human nature—within the golden bars is the acacia wood. As we have already seen, after the resurrection and ascension of the Lord, the Holy Spirit came down from heaven with both the divine nature and the human nature; thus He is now the Spirit of Jesus. It is this wonderful Holy Spirit with both the divine and human natures who combines and unites us together. All the boards then become as one. Suppose all the gold is removed from the boards, the rings, and the bars. Then, with all the gold stripped away, all the boards will become disconnected, individual pieces. The oneness is not in the wood but in the gold. If the gold is taken, there is no uniting element, and the boards are left as separate and individual pieces. By this picture we can clearly see that the unity, the oneness, the building up are not in the wood, but wholly in the gold. This means that the building up of the Church is not in the human nature, but in the divine nature. It is in the divine nature that we are all built together. It is the divine nature that joins us, unites us, and holds us together as one.

You and I must learn, first of all, that we are just a half; secondly, we must never act independently and individually without the confirmation of others. Finally, we must act, live, and serve in the divine nature. It is in the divine nature that we as the boards are united together as one. Then we will have the building of God. Again, it must be repeated that all of this comes from the experiences of Christ as the showbread, as the lamp, as the resurrection savor, and as the very ark including the hidden manna, the hidden law, and the hidden rod. How meaningful this is! May the Lord fully, deeply, and wholly impress us with this picture. This is the right way for us to be built up together as the dwelling place of God. The Church is not a matter of a pattern, but the real experience of Christ as our life and everything; therefore, the only way for the Church to be built up among us is to experience Christ in the spirit.

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