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Enjoy this week at Becycle!

Becycle gives you a high-energy, motivational and endurance rides unlike any other. With RPM dictated entirely by the rhythm of the music, you’ll never leave the beat!

This week enjoy from Upbeat remixes, Party tracks, 90's hip hop themes, anthem Rock to Anken Life Night Market Event's all going down this week!

Forget all about your manic Monday and do some tap backs and a full Body Workout with Monica on her Be Totality Class at 7:30pm

  • Monica’s Powerful Ride| Monday 19th. 7:30 pm |

Then Power Up your ride on Tuesday with Felipe in his 6:30am and 7:30pm sessions.

  • Felipe’s Shine Ride | Tuesday 20th. 6:30 am |

  • Felipe’s Dance Party Ride | Tuesday 20th. 6:30 am |

On Wednesday Marissa’s smashup and alternative Rock Ride and Monica's bringing her full-energetic rhythm for her Be Strength class.

  • Marissa’s Alternative Ride| Wednesday 21st. 9:00 am |

  • Monica’s Power House Ride | Wednesday 21st. 7:30 pm |

On Thursday wake up with Catalina’s Full Energetic Top 40’s ride. Then join Ellen’s Dutch incredible playlist and movements and finish your day with Felipe’s 90’s hip hop battle ride.

  • Cata’s Top 40 hits Ride| Thursday 22nd. 6:30 am |

  • Ellen’s Dutch Rhythm Ride| Thursday 22nd. 6:00 pm |

  • Felipe’s 90’s hip hop Ride| Thursday 22nd. 7:30 pm |

Friday follow Joanna on her new class at 9:00 am and don’t forget our Usual Be Social Ride & happy hour special and let s enjoy together the Night Market event at Anken Life.

  • Joanna’s Soul Vibes Ride| Friday 23rd. 9:00 am |

  • Monica’s Happy Hour Ride | Friday 23rd. 6:45 pm |

On the weekend you have tons of chances to ride with us. We offer new classes and a mix of all Becycle class profiles. On Saturday enjoy Marissa’s Be Energetic ride and Felipe’s Be Strength. On Sunday follow Ellen with a Be Classic ride followed by Monica’s Be Energetic.

We’ve got plenty of ways to sweat it out this week.

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