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10 of the best Halloween costumes on Taobao

Get ready for Halloween
We all know you can get anything on Taobao, even sperm and David Beckham sex dolls, making it the ideal place to find the perfect Halloween costume.

With pages and pages of costume-madness, from kinky Little Red Riding Hood costumes and Mario Brothers to some frankly downright disturbing items, there's something for everyone.

If you're on the hunt for some Halloween inspiration, check out some of these costume ideas.
Inflatable dinosaur
That man’s face says it all. Even if the costume means you can’t pee the entire night, the massive inflatable dinosaur is a guaranteed conversation starter. The challenge, however, is to keep the conversation going after.

Price: 110RMB
Go bananas this Halloween in a banana body suit – Taobao has a load of them. For the old-school banana look, you can find classic costumes like this.

Price: 43-48RMB

More bananas
For more sleazy banana-goers, this not-so-subtle peeled-banana suit might be more your thing.

Price: 48-108RMB

The inflatable penis
No short introduction would be powerful enough to convince you to wear this. But if the totally inconspicuous banana costume was just a little too subtle for your liking, then you were already considering an inflatable penis costume anyway – and Taobao has one.

Price: 150-180RMB
Journey to the West mask
Dress up as China’s most famous fictional character, the Monkey King fromJourney to the West. We love this cute little guy, but the mask is quite frankly a little disturbing. It will make you look more like a ghoul with a skin condition than the Monkey King, making it the perfect Halloween mask.

Price: 29.99RMB
The evil bunny
If you're looking to scare the bejesus out of everyone you meet, you're on to a winner with this not-so-fluffy bunny.

Price: 2,100RMB
The vampire is a classic that always works. It's frightening and makes for a good excuse to go all-out on white foundation, eyeliner and dark lipstick (even for the guys).

Price: 59-148RMB
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Jack Sparrow, Taobao has some pretty good pirate costumes – they won't actually transform you into Johnny Depp, but they might help. There are female pirate costumes, too. These might cost a little more than the inflatable dinosaur, but it will probably look a lot better, too.

Price: 20-315RMB
Disney Princesses
Only Halloween makes these costumes okay, and we're okay with that.

Price: 52-168RMB
Qing Imperial Minister ghost
While we hope this picture doesn't do this costume justice, the idea of a Qing-dynasty-imperial-minister-eunuch-ghost is quite good. With some frightening make-up and the right attitude, this costume could be the way forward.

Price: 65-105RMB

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