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Tested & reported by A&S
•Compact design,solid structure,easy to install and use
•Horizontal definition is about 1600TVL,vertical definition is about 1500TVL,edge definition is
about 1200 TVL
•The color restoration effect is pretty accurate,Human eyes can not recognize any differences
•Gray scale up to 16、17
•The average stream stabilize at about 3.3Mbps,and with occasional peak value of 5.3Mbps

This camera adopts integrated design and all metal body, guaranteed a beautiful appearance and a solid structure.Milk white camera body collocate with dust cover,the water-proof and dust-proof level can reach to IP66.It used a gimbal bracket to support the camera body,easy to adjust the direction.This camera has 10M/100M/1000M self-adaptive network port ,audio output/input port,BNC video output port ,alarm input/output port ,RS485 port,DC 12V power port and etc,it is convenient to install and debug.
Lens and Infrared lights
Connecting wires
Notes : Unless stated,the test was limited to H.265 compression format +500MP @25fps ,3Mbps
Definition test
keep the stream within 6Mbps,adjust the camera straight at the definition test card,we found the horizontal definition is about 1600TVL,vertical definition is about 1500TVL,edge definition is about 1200 TVL.and then keep the stream within 3Mbps,there is no definition attenuation
Color restoration and gray scale test
Adjust the camera straight at the 24 color restoration test card,we found the color restoration effect of this camera is pretty accurate,human eyes can not recognize any differences.then change the card to gray scale test card,we found the gray scale test result can reach to level 16,17
Restoration test
Gray scale test
Stream and delayed test
Adjust the camera straight at the busy and prosperous Shennan road and then open the steam test software,we found the average stream is about 3.3Mbps, and with occasional peak value of 5.3Mbps. In the following test,we found the delayed time of this camera is about 225ms.
Stream test
Delayed test
During the following WDR test,this camera also performed very well ,demonstrated a strong adaptability under the complex luminous environment. And the functions of video mask and ROI setting provide more options during the use process.
Video mask setting
Video mask effect
Day/night model auto switch test
Put the camera into a camera obscura with a defaulted sensitivity -intermediate,turn off the infrared light and gradually reduce the illumination, we found the image quality always keep very good, which means the effects of 3D noise reduction and white balance of this camera are very good. When the illumination was reduced to about 5Lux, the camera auto switch to B/W model, after the switch,the image quality is clear and the dynamic image is clear too. when the illumination was reduced to 0.00Lux(real illumination below 0.01Lux),the B/W image is still clear enough to be recognized.
Before switch
After switch
Compulsory color model test
The camera have a good image quality under this model,when the illumination was reduced to about 0.44Lux,there will be a slight noise .when the illumination was reduced to about 0.2Lux,the color image still have a certain level of usability.
Color model -0.2Lux
Equipped with 48 pcs dot-matrix infrared lights, the infrared vision distance can up to 30-50m, and collocate with excellent low illumination performance, this kind of camera is competent to do the video surveillance under glimmer and total darkness environment .during the real test, this camera can adjust the power automatically according to the photograph distance,and make sure the image is clear and not overexposure.
Product features
•Adopt the latest H.265 video compression technology,with a high compression ratio and stale stream control performance
•5MP(2592×1944)fully real time encoder ,image capturing resolution2592×1944
•ICR filter with auto switch
•30~50m night vision distance
•Support smart analysis,including goods guarding,edge detective and abnormal signal detective
•Support defog、HLC、BLC、digital anti-shaking,bad point correction,successfully meet the requirements of different scenes
•Support 8 areas of ROI encode
•Support smart phone、tablet、remote surveillance
•Support PoE power supply

Experts comments
Solid structure, perfect protection and showed a real 5M pixel HD image during the real test.The stable resolution performance under different streams and the low stream control effect under dynamic scene showed a good application of H.265 compression technology in this camera. And the excellent low illumination performance is absolutely a plus for this camera.
Important parameters and functions
•Image sensor:1/1.8" CMOS
•Image size:2592×1944
•Lens: [email protected], horizontal viewing angle:72°
[email protected],horizontal viewing angle: 83.7~36.7°
•Video compression format:H.265/H.264/MJPEG