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Salon(Chinese insect Culture 1 )

The day before yesterday, I passed by a flower/pet market and was shocked.
Do you know there’s a insect called gryllulus/cricket/grig.

And there are thousands of gryllulus in the market.
When I send those pictures to my Chinese friends, they discussed energetically. And I suddenly thought it’s a good idea to hold a salon about Chinese insect culture.
Chinese people started to play gryllulus from Tang Dynasty and becomes a very interesting culture in Asia.
I’d like to organize this salon on Saturday afternoon(12th Sep 2015).
Maybe my friends need to buy some tools and one or two gryllulus for demonstration. In that case, the salon is not free and I’d like to collect 30~50 RMB for each friend. I am not sure, if my friends have not time to prepare those tools, the salon is free.
(If you are interested about this market, maybe we can visit it in the morning and buy those tools.)
This event is not confirmed now . I’d like to check how many friends are interested about it and will come.
If you are willing to come, please reply.