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Charles Pasi @ 5th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

Charles Pasi
Charles Pasi - Harmonica / Vocals
Francis Arnaud - Drums
Sébastien Levanneur - Double Bass
Pity Cabrera - Keyboard
Joseph Champagnon - Guitar
   Charles Pasi is barely in his thirties. He was born in Paris. French mother, Italian father, already a reason good enough for him to look further, higher, and to not settle with evidence. At home, different sounds and cultures are mixed, and there is a lot of exchanging. They know there is a horizon to go past.
  When he was 16, he chose harmonica. Any regular teenagers will choose the guitar, to imitate their hero or to seduce a young girl in the summer, before abandoning the instrument in an attic without hope. But not Charles. Something else, still unidentified, seemed to haunt him. As for the harmonica, he learned how to tame it, he appropriated it, and it gradually became a part of him. While at it, Charles signed up in a gospel choir, and at the music academy, he learned how to understand this new language, which invaded him a little more each day. He also took up guitar, in order to be able to compose more freely. Fulgurating bulimia.
  After graduated from high school and a short frustrated experience in Sorbonne, Charles left to discover Rome for a year. Traveling is his oxygen. In Italy, he joined his first band, Les Mood in Black, a swing, blues and old style rock & roll band, as a harmonica player. Then back to Paris, he wrote his first songs, alone.
   When he met Antoine Holler, a guitarist, he played his compositions to him and they decided to produce Charles’ first album, “Mainly Blue”, which finally came out in 2006 when Charles turned 22. What came next was almost a miracle — Charles won the Tremplin de Blues sur Seine, giving him the possibility to perform in festivals.
  In 2010, Charles started to work on his second album. His concerts were sold out everywhere. And in 2011, “Uncaged” was born. He has collaborated on the soundtracks of Louis Garrel, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s films as well. His third album, “Sometimes Awake” (title inspired by a short story by Faulkner) came out in October 2014. Evolved with his own style, of course, the songs once again revealed his originality and his way of transfiguring everything, whether it was blues, soul, African music, American music or classical music.
   Charles experiments things that resemble him: deep, sensual and free, always with this inspiration from images. He likes to dream, sleep and write in his bed, taking his time, doing and redoing again. He is nostalgic for a time he never knew, which is maybe why his songs have such a dreamlike character. Charles may have never lived through the Renaissance, nor the 60s or future, but he knows that he is moving along the same timeline, in which those who are sensitive to beauty can contact each other. He continues his journey as a stranger at the end of the road, where everything is still possible. The world belongs to him.

Event Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Pricing Info:

Booking Phone Number: 0755-86337602

Place Name and Address: B10 Live, North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


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