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In Photos: Osaka & Kyoto

With a population of 2.5 million, Osaka (大阪, Osaka) is Japan's third largest and second most important city. Formerly known as Naniwa, Osaka was Japan's first capital city, and in the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi chose Osaka as the location for his castle--the delicately beautiful structure that now stands as one of the city's most identifiable landmarks. Today, from Minami's neon-lighted Dotombori and historic Tenno-ji to the high-rise class and underground shopping labyrinths of Kita, Osaka is a city that pulses with its own unique rhythm.

Osaka is also a great gate to Kyoto closeby. The JR tokokaido line will take you from Osaka to Kyoto by only 25-30 minutes & 540 yen.

Here's a look at everything Osaka and Kyoto have to offer.