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Outdoor exciting events in Chongqing

Chongqing's unique landscape of mountains and valleys and rich river and lake water resources have provided national conditions for the development of various outdoor sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving, jungle flight, and diving. Do you know that there are some thrilling places where most people have never been? For those courageous enough to challenge themselves, let's set out in groups to release the pressure in our heart and get different visions and scenery on the journey.

Yongchuan Locajoy
The No. 1 Jumping in Southwest China
Through the construction of eight months, the high-profile Locajoy Bungee Jumping Project has already officially opened to the public. The project with a total investment of six million yuan and a total height of 60m is the highest bungee jumping project in Southwest China, and now the ticket price is 180 yuan/person/time.
Tongjing Bungee Jumping
A Bungee Jumping site surrounded by green mountains and clear waters
It is located in Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Spot that is reputed as "Wuling Fairyland" with steep cliffs and winding valleys. When you step towards the jumping stand with aspiration, look around the green mountains and clear waters that make you feel relaxed and happy immediately, and jump with a bird's-eye view of the reflections of mountains in the water of Wentang Gorge, and the wonderful experience is beyond comparison.
Qianjiang Skydiving
A high-end, classy, and high-grade extreme challenge
Last year, Chongqing's first skydiving club formally opened to tourists in Qianjiang District. With the buzzing sound of the plane, tourists and the coach boarded the plane and climbed to the high altitude of 3,000m together. It takes 4,880 yuan for a skydiving experience of 7 minutes. For such a high-end, classy, and high-grade event, one experience would be enough in one's life!
Olympic Sport Centre Natatorium
Enjoy diving in a swimming pool
This year, Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre jointed by Chongqing Fish Buddies Diving Club pushed out a diving event in the natatorium of the centre where the public can experience diving as long as they make reservations in advance.